Logan! Sienna! Ethan! Tea’s ready!

Poor little mites

Why did you called me Zachary?

The annual report into the most popular children’s names of the past 12 months has been released by The Office For National Statistics. It has found that Olivia was top for girls and Oliver was numero uno for the boys. Inevitably there was some disquiet amongst the comments on the Guardian story from people concerned by the prevalence of Muhammed and its various forms. Of course these contributors are voicing a valid issue in Britain today complete fucking idiots. There are a lot of Muslims in Britain, get over it. To me, it’s far more concerning that 1524 girls were called Brooke (future pornstars), and there are a staggering 3729 toddlers who vaguely respond to Ethan. Is the only naming inspiration for modern parents coming from the cast list of Lost? I’m chuffed that Craig is nowhere to be seen, and that if I do knock someone up, Rosalie and Albert aren’t either. Yay for exclusivity! And yay for not being called Number 16 Bus Shelter.

Kanye and Jay-Z. AW YEAH

Kanye West and Jay-Z are planning on releasing a joint album. Well, OMG. The two biggest names in hip-hop, together? Makes me a little hard. I hope it’s as good as Power:


A few blogs ago I wrote about the Greater Manchester Police experiment, that aimed to use Twitter to show what the police do all day. I’m sure beating the shit out of men who have been stabbed in the head wasn’t what they had in mind. Darren Grace got the Liverpool fuzz treatment (about 20 seconds in):

Now, I obviously don’t know the circumstances behind the video, but it looks a damn sight like bang-to-rights police brutality to me. And that’s hardly going to be positive for the image of the police. All that work on Twitter, and some halfwit thug in a uniform ruins it all. Such is life.


I love these things, and then I found out how to make them. Here’s one for my blog:

Not as much fucking swearing as I would've twatting thought

Picking out the big words, you see football, miners and police. That’s funny, because if you did a wordle for my as yet untitled 70s porno epic, you’d see the same thing.

In other news

-Horses don’t recognise their own reflections.

Bears have fridges… kind of.

-Michael Owen’s World League Soccer, Shenmue, Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, Vice City.

Peter, Bjorn and John – The Chills:

“You say time heals, but there’s not enough of it”. Corking. Goodnight.


BP and their dirty tactics

British Pricktroleum

Trying to fuck America from land and sea


BP isn’t particularly popular right now, you know, after that big clusterfuck in the Gulf of Mexico. News that they are funding Tea Party candidates in the upcoming US midterm elections is not going to help their image. That is, unless you’re as misguided and irrational as Tea Party. It seems BP are donating to climate change deniers – it certainly would be convenient for the massive oil company if they had that little debate silenced for a while. Could this also be a slight retaliation against Barack Obama? After all, Obama’s anti-BP rhetoric bordered on vitriol. It seems BP deserved it though. The Tea Party are as crude and dirty as the wetlands of Louisiana. They’re good for each other.


What is wrong with the world? People are reading fewer books, and yet one that is expected to sell well is the memoir of a marketing campaign. As if the meerkat ads weren’t annoying enough, now a book is being released. What’s wrong with Roald Dahl, Bret Easton Ellis, Tolkein? Read something real, you sad fucks.

Greatest lap of all?

European Grand Prix, 1993, Donington Park. Ayrton Senna starts 5th, quickly drops a place, and yet by the end of the lap is 1st:

Christmas Pot Noodle

Christmas Dinner. In a pot. Money to charity. Cheesy name – Pot Noeldle. What’s not to like?

In other news

-The Afrikaans for ‘astrology’ is sterrewiggelary.

-Million Pound Drop. Back and brilliant.

-I bloody love Preston.

This was amazing on the train. Chilled me right out:

Fab times, good people, paedo coats. YES.

In the navy

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to finally end?

Mincing into a warzone near you

The days of the American Forces’ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy look to be numbered, after the military began to accept openly gay recruits. A Californian court ruled DADT as illegal, and although the Obama administration disapproves of the methods, it is seeking to permanently end DADT. Obama doesn’t want to use the courts, and is seeking to abolish DADT via a congressional vote. It’s about time, and while this is by no means the end of DADT, it’s the beginning of.

Ultimate XI

The Guardian is running a little thinger debating the greatest ever football team. My two cents:


Zambrotta, Moore, P. Maldini, Roberto Carlos

Garrincha, Zidane, Gascoigne, Giggs

Cruyff, Pele


Is it right to laugh? You have no choice:

The Candy Tree

Tres funny:

In other news

Soft porn mourns.

-I need sleep.

-Can it you douche!

Before Madonna went bat shit crazy and started stealing Africans, she actually made good music:

I want free sushi for a year. I’m off. Goodnight y’all.

999 Letsbe Avenue

Woop woop, it’s the sound of the po-tweet


In a recent attempt to show the public exactly what police life is like, Greater Manchester Police tweeted every 999 call made for 24 hours. Over 3000 calls were made and posted online in a day-long experiment which aimed to show that the police do more than catch murderers and chase burglars. The stunt worked – it was riveting, and reading every single tweet, you really got a sense of the amount of crap the police must deal with. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but neither would anyone be when the thickest skin sacks out there are ringing the EMERGENCY services cause there’s no milk left in the fridge. It’s hardly surprising that some members of the force go looking for (and possibly creating) troublemakers when they’ve spent all day telling people that no, we don’t give lifts home to people who’ve missed the bus. Here are a few of my favourite tweets:

-Call 2737 Man refuses to leave the gym in Hazel Grove.

-Call 1634 Suspicious men carrying a snake, Bolton.

-Call 3003 Reports of four foot doll or robot on Princess Parkway near M56 – officers attend but nothing there.

-Call 1333 Reports of dustbins being moved in Droylsden.

-Call 384 Report of man holding baby over bridge – police immediately attended and it was man carrying dog that doesn’t like bridges.

-Call 3026 Suspicious man wearing cape in Bolton – police attended and no sign of man.

Jon Heder

Napoleon Dynamite is possibly the best film ever made. Soundboard! Jon Heder hasn’t really done anything of note since, but he is hilarious. Here’s a little thing with him in:

Minefest 2010

Every Chilean miner has been rescued, thank God/Buddha/Bob Marley. Now in the aftermath, the Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, has promised to introduce measures to protect the rights of workers. This has been greeted with cynicism, even by the families of the miners – “here the middle class use miners to make them rich, and at the end the miner dies sick and poor“. Here’s hoping the President uses the boost he has received from the crisis to drive through the promised reforms. All eyes on you, Sebastián.

Hipster Hitler

It’s brilliant. Take a look, and buy me a t-shirt.

In other news

-Myleene Klass – pregnant, still a twat.

-How much does does an iPhone 4 cost to make? $6.54.

-1st XI, yes please.

Here’s a bloody beautiful piece of music:

Zu wahr.

What’s the coldest place in the world? Chile.

Yay for the miners, but it’s not over yet

"When I say TRAPPED, you say NO!" "TRAPPED" "NO" "TRAPPED" "NO"

Unless you’ve been trapped in a mine for two months, you’ll know all about the miners who’ve been trapped in a mine for two months. Slowly but surely the miners have been being rescued over the past day or so, and at the time of writing 24 of them are now safe above ground. There is an all round warm glow to this story – from when the miners were discovered alive, to the togetherness of the group once lines of communication had been established, and then the building of anticipation to the rescuing of the men through a 700m tube. I remember the Kursk disaster, and desperately hoping the trapped submariners would be rescued. Well, this mine story is at the opposite end of the spectrum – all that hope has been released as euphoria. However, this can’t be the end of it. While the sense of national pride in Chile is enormous, questions need to be asked. What went wrong? Is there any person/company/process at fault? And most importantly, how can the mining companies stop a similar, possibly more disastrous situation occurring again? After all, there’s little point rescuing 33 men to put another troop and their families through the same trauma.

Here’s the Daily Mash take on the Chilean miners.

Why I love Sesame Street

They take something amazing, and somehow improve it:


Yeah, the result was rubbish. But it isn’t the end of the world, and strangely, it took one of the more jovial football shows, Soccer AM, to offer some perspective. But it could be worse. Only a few years ago, Montenegro used to play alongside Serbia. Since the two nations became autonomous football teams, the Serbians have been by far the stronger team, boasting players like Nemanja Vidic, Dejan Stankovic and Nikola Zigic. However, far right Serb fans caused Tuesday’s match against Italy to be called off after they laid siege to the city of Genoa. This type of hooliganism is a bigger threat to football than any bad tackle or foreign owner could be. Poland and Ukraine are hosting the 2012 European Championships, and both have questionable records when it comes to hooliganism. As a football fan through and through, I hope like South Africa this year all concerns are proved to be just scare-mongering, and not the truth.


Raleigh Addington has left the show after his brother was injured on duty in Afghanistan. However, he did give us the best moment of the series (I honestly can’t see it being topped):

In other news

-Mmmmm, melon and grapes.

-When Reese’s Mini Cups are left anywhere near me, they’re getting eaten.

-I hate how famous and mainstream the miners have become. I liked it when they were a bit more underground.

Incredible song, incredible video:

I want to swim with black-eyed angels. Night.

Inane clowns posturing

ICP – idiot cock polishers?

... or Bit Dickish Plantpots

Insane Clown Posse have slowly been gathering fans for the 20 years or so that they’ve been going. The fans, or so called ‘Juggalos’, have been shocked by the groups admission that all along they’ve been practicing Christians. After all, the lyrics haven’t always conveyed a wholly Christian message. Take ‘Mr. Happy’ (and this was the first song I picked, completely at random):

“I’ll twist and squeeze your neck like a wet noodle/ cause I’m so happy I’ll stab your ass/ and lay down next to you dead on the grass/ and sing/ ooh it feel so good every time I murder I get happy”

Now, the Posse have admitted their faith in a series of songs, including ‘Miracles’, where they declare their amazement at, above other things, magnets and giraffes. The thing is, their amazement isn’t born out of faith. It’s stupidity. Just read the linked article. They bang on about magnets and how incredible they are. It’s simple physics! But they don’t want to listen, because scientists are liars and make them pissed. What about giraffes? Evolution. The thing is, their ultra-violent lyrics are less shocking when you see how little sense they make. When you couple those lyrics with their faith, it just adds up to hypocrisy. So while Insane Clown Posse may trundle along for 20 years more, I think they may just fade into insignificance. Where they belong.

Nigel de Jong

Nigel has broken a couple of legs in his career. Does it make him an evil, killer player? No. Despite that tackle in the World Cup final, I don’t think de Jong sets out deliberately to injure players. Roy Keane has admitted he did. I think de Jong is a ball winning midfielder who makes more tackles than most in a game. His tackle on Hatem Ben Arfa that broke the latters leg was strong but fair, within the rules of the game. He won the ball first, which is the classic justification of any tackle. I do think that de Jong ‘went in hard’, and unfortunately too hard, but this witch hunt that has evolved since the Man City v Newcastle match is ridiculous. de Jong wasn’t needlessly violent, Ben Arfa was unlucky. In a contact sport, that is often the long and short of it. Marseille talking about legal action is completely fatuous. Would they give evidence against one of their own players if they were the leg breaker? Not in a million years. In professional sports, injuries happen. I’m sorry. It’s just the way it is.

And now, the brighter side of football:

And now, the ridiculous side of football (Finsbury Park Ji Sung).

Him and Her

Finishing tonight. It’s been brilliant. And I would give my left arm to live next door to Dan.

The Google blacklist

Google Instant is the next big thing, apparently. It offers results as you type! ‘Cause 1,290,000 results in 0.08 seconds isn’t quick enough. However, if you’re looking for mucky stuff, it stops you. Stuff like ‘adult’, ‘consensual intercourse’, and ‘hairy’. I thought I had a childish, smutty sense of humour! See the full list here – I learnt stuff.

In other news

-There are 62 pieces of Lego for every person on the planet.

English eccentricity at it’s best.

Christmas list, yes please.

I love Interpol:

Oi! Hands off Solemani. She’s mine. Night.

Blowing his own trumpet

Leader of the free  world?

The man, the hairpiece

Donald Trump is contemplating standing for President. Oh crap. For a start, he’s a Republican, and admirer of the Tea Party movement. He says someone needs to do something about the trillion dollar debt his country faces. The debt that was mainly the fault of the previous administration. The Republican administration. Trump has no qualifications relevant to running a country, and yet he can stick his name into the mix by virtue of his fame and cash. The American political cycle generates new candidates almost the day the new President walks over the White House threshold. Obama was inaugurated on 20th January 2009. Let’s hope it’s not Trump in his place in 2013.

Also, Obama is sharp. Watch how he deals with this little carpentry faux pas:

Jackboots On Whitehall

“Team America meets Inglorious Basterds” – pretty apt. This could be very, very funny:


Did nobody think putting a wheelchair next to the pitch was a bit dangerous?

Don’t poke a lion with a stick

Self-explanatory, surely:

In other news

-Dicks are dicks are dicks.

-Steve McClaren should do the patriotic thing and make sure he’s never on the same land mass as the England football team ever again. Please don’t apply for the manager’s job again. PLEASE.

-Weekend come soon.

This sounds freaking cool:

Youtube heavy. Ah well. IT WAS SHAMEFUL.