This morning, there were learned fellows on the BBC discussing the merits of the so-called ‘surveillance state’. There are no clear figures on how many cameras there are in the UK – in London, the estimates seem to vary between 7,000 to 10,000 public cameras. I’m not fussed in all honesty, stick them up everywhere. The main argument against them seems to be ‘invasion of privacy’. This seems a bit baffling, as all these people who claim to feel violated by CCTV were offering their opinion, whilst being filmed for TV. That seems a bit of a paradox to me. Also, you’re watched all the time anyway, especially by privately owned cameras (banks, shops, homes, sex dungeons etc). And people walking down the street. Normal people. Who don’t shit themselves about cameras. Seriously, how is your privacy invaded? I don’t get this hysteria with privacy, so fucking what if I’m on some video in Oxford Street? Whoopdedoo. I accept that cameras don’t prevent crime, but they sure as hell provide evidence to help lock up the perpetrators. Some hippy called something like Phoenix Earthchild would probably call me naive, and say that the authorities can take your image, whack it on Osama Bin Laden’s body and call you Taliban. I say bollocks. Moaners like this would claim living in Britain feels oppressive. I think it can be scary as fuck. At least with CCTV, I know if some little turd wants to attack me, there’s a chance they may be convicted using video evidence.

True dis

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70 years ago, a flotilla of little ships sailed to France. Operation Dynamo saved a third of a million soldiers. After all this time, it’s worth remembering why it’s called Dunkirk spirit.

Million Pound Drop

Can’t believe I’ve not been watching this, it looks savage!

In other news:

-I scored on my England debut.

-I’m being tested.

-Drunken Eurovision sounds fun.

Right, I’m knackered. Toodle pip.