Fuck off Ferrari

More bent that Uri Geller’s cutlery set

Now, as a British fan of the Mclaren team who employ two British drivers, I may be slightly biased. However, I think most people with more than a passing interest in Formula 1 will agree that what the Ferrari team did yesterday was pretty despicable. Yes, team orders happen, but for three reasons, this was too much. Firstly, how blatant did they want to make it? Instead of making a fleeting attempt to conceal their actions, they were more flagrant than Pete Doherty, and their barefaced decision denied every fan who paid the extortionate entry fee a true race. Why, if he was so much better, couldn’t Fernando Alonso have passed Felipe Massa under racing conditions? Secondly, it denied Massa the chance of a hard earned win. People may say this is sentimental bullshit, but a year ago, almost to the day, Massa had a horrific freak accident that almost cost him his life, never mind his career. To get back to where he is now is a huge achievement, and shows phenomenal character on his part. Out of all the drivers in that field, he probably wants a win more than any to cement his comeback, and the backroom pricks at Ferrari denied him that. Lastly, they have come out and said So fucking what? Shit happens. This is the Ferrari team that within a nanosecond of any whiff of injustice coming their way throw every toy out of the pram, then push the pram off an Italian cliff in a petulant fit of pique. Well, you smarmy Italian bellpieces, and your hypocritical, hypersensitive Spanish wheelman, you can’t have your pannettone and eat it. Pull back and let your drivers do what they do best – race.


Toy Story 3 has hit our cinemas, and while I’m not a huge fan of their films, they are pretty smooth operators. Have a gander at this video if you don’t believe me:

Big Brother

Andrew is the mutt’s nuts. His secret task was brilliant, he gets involved and when he was presented with a meal for being successful he was priceless. Big Brother: “Would you like some female company?” Andrew: “Always!” Andrew to win.

Shard of Glass

We’re involved in this. Cool as fuck:

Where I want to live, or what I want to shove up Jordan's arse

In other news

-Own goals are shit.

-N-Dubz are still twats.

-Even pigeons can’t stand how Kings of Leon have turned out.

Time. For. Bed.