King of the road

Bringing back harrowing memories of Farthing Wood

We all die under yellow line paint

Saw this little fellow on the Guardian website the other day, and I laughed. I’m a bad person, yes. One can only hope he was dead before the line painters came along. I love how the Council try to defend their actions – “this is obviously an unfortunate incident, but it was the only one reported during the massive project“. What? Your PR department is clearly just Les from IT. They might as well have said this – “you think a hedgehog is bad? I remember the good old days when we got three sparrowhawks, a unicorn and the entire Burundi Royal Family, and no-one batted a fucking eyelid”. It also brought to mind this, made all the more savage as when I was 7 and saw it first time round I bloody loved hedgehogs (although I loved Farthing Wood more):

And last but not least, it’s an excuse to roll out my Dad’s favourite joke. Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To see his flat mate.

Sesame Street

Another thing I adored as a kid was Sesame Street. Here’s some cool facts about the coolest kids show ever:

Fact 16 - Big Bird is actually a tiny fish.

What the flip?

Apparently, Phil Mitchell is now on crack. Erm, ok. Next week, Peggy Mitchell becomes a smack-addled hooker.

Idiot #15

Dr. Darrel Francis, shut the fuck up. Suggesting that statins should be given out with fast food is a massive crock of shite. For starters, fat bastards in this country are fat enough without being encouraged to eat without consequence. Second, what next? Bag of methadone with your brown, Mr. Doherty? Maybe trying to tackle the issue before it arises rather than negating it after the event would be the way to go. Just a thought, Dr. Dipshit Fucktard.

In other news

Kinda worse than 3 points and £60.

L’île mystérieuse.

-If there’s one thing I like more than cool science, it’s completely pointless science.

Right, Neil Young and bed. Nice.