Still hanging

2 days later…

and I’m still feeling it. Urgh.

Motor sport

A lot of criticisms are pointed the way of professional motor sport. Boring, billionaire’s playground, carbon emissions etc etc. But have a look at this:

The most startling shots begin at 0:44. Now why is this relevant to the criticisms of motor sport? Well, the driver of the crashed car walked away with a minor leg injury. Developments in car safety mean that an Indy car can get airborne, smash to pieces, end up upside down, and the driver lived. These leaps and bounds translate into passenger cars, with the result being that lives are saved on our roads. And, despite all the criticisms, that can’t be a bad thing.

David Laws

Yes, he broke the rules. Should he have gone? No. As an intelligent, hard-working, dedicated minister he was invaluable to the coalition. He offered to instantly pay the money back, but in our culture of media-led resignations, that was never going to be enough.  The fact that he was trying to conceal his sexuality says a lot about our (in the main) homophobic media, and how they clash with liberal attitudes in this country. I feel sorry for him (here are some pretty moving comments he made after being outed) and I’m sure he’ll be back, as politicians that care and are good don’t come around too often. But it’s not right that he went in the first place. It was unnecessary, and driven by something other than the search for truth.

England squad

No, I’m not happy. Am I the England manager? No. Let’s hope there’s a reason for this.

In other news:

-Never, never again. Every time I drink I say this, but it is meant now.

Turf is good fun.


Now I’m off to write Japanese Shot Put Girl. Ciao, bitchez.