Who censors the censors?

Nigger bad, slave ok

"What a load of hokum"


A new US edition of Huckleberry Finn is being released without the word nigger. I will not write n-word – nigger is, after all, only a word. The connotations associated with it elevate it, and any time it is delivered with hatred, the perpetrator should be condemned. However, it does not need to be censored. Any rational, moral person with see that to call someone nigger is ignorant and abhorrent. However, Twain was an ardent anti-racist and was using the term  to demonstrate and denounce the prejudicial attitudes that were endemic in America at the time. What makes the censorship even more ridiculous is that nigger has been replaced with slave. At the time, nigger was a pretty generic term for a black person. By implication, the replacement of nigger with slave means that all blacks at the time were slaves, which is false and possibly more offensive than the term nigger was in the first place. What is more, Huckleberry Finn is a historical document, not a guide to life in the 21st century. We know the word nigger is disgusting. But if I can read the bible and not attempt to walk on water, I’m sure I can enjoy Huck and not become a massive racist.

Radio man

Now, this has gone around the world, but this guy really has an incredible voice. I love it when it unexpectedly breaks out mid-sentence:

Sushitting hell!

I love, love, LOVE sushi. Yo! is pretty much my favourite restaurant at the mo – hairy prawns are awesome. But £254,000 for one fish?! That is officially insane. It’s just a tuna! I remember hearing that mark-up on food in restaurants is usually 400%, meaning this one fish will generate a cool £1m in sushi. I love the Japanese but they are bonkers.

Pokemon picture pun



In other news

-“What is oxygen?” “JLS!”


-I want to be Don Draper. After one episode.

Baby be good:

You know it’ll be alright.