Locked-in forever

Let him choose

Tony Nicklinson is trapped in his body. After a massive stroke, he can’t function without care – “I have no privacy or dignity left”. He wishes he died when he first fell ill in Athens five years ago. However, because he physically can’t kill himself, he can’t end his life. His wife, or another appointed party, would have to kill him, almost certainly resulting in a murder charge. Nicklinson’s mind is fully functioning, and it is his choice to die. But our laws stop this. It is my belief that, as he wishes, he should be allowed to die in his home with his loved ones rather than in a clinic in Switzerland. Call me moribund, but what’s worse – allowing a sane man to choose to end a life that has become misery, or condemning him to a life imprisoned in his own body?


Do you feel sorry for this donkey?


Another desperate attempt to banish Kerry Katona to the moon fails.


According to the Beeb, the donkey was made to parasail in an advertising ploy to attract people to a private beach. The donkey was shit scared, so the story goes. Well, so would I be, if it was the first time I’d been parasailing. But I bet I’d be buzzing for another go after. Get that donkey back up there, and I’m sure he’ll love it! If he doesn’t, then he’s an Eeyore.

Twilight is puerile fungal bobbins

I watched the first one. It was ok. But fuck me, it has been marketed to death. Here, see how similar Twilight and Volvo are:

I really hope Volvo sell not one more car because of this shitty crass plugging. In fact, it would be poetic justice if a Volvo carrying some ‘Twihards’ (dear God, it pained me to write that) crashed on the way back from Cineworld one night, and all that was discovered in the morning was five wolf-dismembered corpses. NOM NOM NOM.

Mercury Music Prize

This years nominations are out. Popular vote will be for Dizzee Rascal, but I want The xx to win. That album is a triumph.

In other news

The place for pot – Oakland, CA.

The Cove is just starting on More4. God, I love this channel. I’m expecting this to be harrowing though.

-New fave tune:

Right, dolphin death. Reminds me of Ecco.