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Suarez guilty of racism

Luis Suarez has been found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra

The incident took place on October 15th, but finally, Luis Suarez has been found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra. His punishment – an 8 game ban and a £40,000 fine. There is no place for racism in football, and the FA’s stance has proven this.

Suarez never seemed to deny the language he used, far from it. He said to Uruguayan media that he “called him something his team-mates at Manchester call him”. His defence seemed to centre on the fact that different cultural norms meant that he was a victim of circumstance. He argued terms considered to be pejorative and abhorrent in the UK are acceptable in Uruguay, part of every day life, and can even be affectionate.

I understand fully that there may be innocent roots to the vocabulary used by Suarez. However, I don’t believe this excuses him, for three reasons. Firstly, Suarez has been plying his trade in Europe since 2006 – he should be aware of the culture here, of what is right and wrong. Secondly, just because it is ok in one locality, does not make it excusable elsewhere. An Iranian can’t stone an unruly daughter in the UK and expect to get away with it, in the same way that a 19 year old British person can’t buy alcohol in California. Thirdly, if you were to disregard both of these factors, the important issue is context.

Let’s take context from two angles – the situation and the culprit. The situation was a tense match between two bitter rivals. But despite how heated exchanges may have been, there is always a line in the sand. If we accept that racially abusive language was used, then that line will definitely have been crossed. Plus, the intensity makes it highly unlikely that Suarez was addressing Evra in a friendly fashion. Next, the culprit. Suarez was well known in England before his transfer to Liverpool for a cynical goal line handball in the 2010 World Cup, that cost Ghana a place in the semi-finals (he then celebrated the subsequent missed penalty by dancing along the touchline). At the time of his transfer to Liverpool, Suarez was banned for 7 games for biting an opponent on the shoulder whilst playing for Ajax. And he is still under investigation by the FA stemming from a separate incident when he seemed to swear at Fulham fans. As the saying goes – no smoke without fire.

Suarez is the type to attract controversy. And for the book to have been thrown at him so strongly, the FA must have seen pretty damning evidence. Any racist abuse, be it from player, fan, or anyone else associated with football must be stamped down on. All things considered, it looks like the FA have done the right thing. Here’s hoping Suarez does too, and eliminates all the shite that will forever taint his image if it continues unabated. The racist brush is perhaps the ugliest one can be tarred with, and rightly so. Whatever the outcome of the inevitable appeal, Suarez has some serious atoning to do.

There’s a reason he wasn’t called Kim Jong-well

Barely a week has gone by in 2011 without some mental despot popping his clogs. Kim Jong-il shuffled off at the weekend, but not without leaving behind some incredible propaganda (my fave being that he didn’t need to urinate or defecate). Here’s a little vid summing up some of the other ‘facts’ about the Dear Leader:


The Virgin Media box got a bit Mary Whitehouse the other night. I do enjoy how Arsenal got censored, but then read A***nal:

From In The Loop - "You are a boring F, star, star, CUNT!"

For you space nerds

This is fucking cool, and soundtracked by 65daysofstatic. What’s not to like?

In other news

-3 of the longest days.

Very interesting read on violent crime in Glasgow.

-Mulled wine is not my friend. Still.

Best Glasto close EVER:

Time goes by, tables turn.



Nothing to see here

Just fun stuff

No news. Boring as flip. Financial crisis is dull.


There is going to be a Top Gun 2. The greatest film ever is getting a sequel. YES. Here’s a reminder of why the first one is so excellent (as told by Quentin Tarantino):

Francis gets a lightsaber


Greatest tumblr ever?

Texts from Bennett


Blur are going to get an outstanding contribution to music BRIT award, and deservedly so. The rivalry with Oasis in the 90’s Britpop era probably will never be matched, and was arguably the greatest time for British music since Punk and before that, the Beatles. Their comeback shows were incredible – I was lucky enough to be at their triumphant Glastonbury set, and it was truly fantastic. Out Of Time is a beautiful song, but this sums Blur up for me perfectly:

In other news

-Couldn’t bring myself to write about guns.

-Office party tomorrow. ÜBER LASH.

-Deaf football on Saturday.

Loving this album at the moment, so mental:

Where I’m from, we see a fucking dead body every day.