Qur’an burning idiot

Pastor Terry Jones wants blood on his hands too

Terry Jones - killer

Pastor Terry Jones is a modern day menace. In a world where any fucking fool can get their face on TV, his threat to burn the Qur’an on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th atrocities has gained worldwide publicity. I’m sure that’s what he wanted in the first place – a bit of notoriety. But Terry will get something far worse. Terry will get people killed. The Daily Mash, despite often being farcical, has it bang on – US church looking to commemorate 9-11 by causing another one. This may be pushing it bit far, but who knows? Already there have been worldwide protests, and this is exactly the kind of ammo that jihadi recruiters could only dream of. Certainly, his posturing is not going to make the situation for troops in Afgahnistan any easier. It is not pushing the boundary so far to imagine a Taliban fighter recruited off the back of this act of idiocy killing one or more coalition soldiers. Would Pastor Jones accept blame for this? Would he fuck. He’s preaching the hate he wrongly accuses Islam of, and hopefully this is one fanatic who can be stopped before it’s too late.

Idiot #17

Michael O’Leary, welcome to the ranks. So, co-pilots are a waste of cash, yes? Want to do away with them, yes? What a load of bollocks. Mick uses the analogy of a train only having one driver, and that could crash too. Let’s have a look at this, shall we? Train – set on tracks that can only go one place. Plane – in mid air, no boundaries except fuel and gravity. Train – controls specifically designed to prevent catastrophe in the event of driver heart-attack. Plane – unexpected errors usually mean crash. Train – in accidents, the majority of passengers usually live. Plane – in accidents, the majority of passengers usually die. Go ahead, take away co-pilots, and by Murphy’s law, a plane will fall from the sky. Then Mikey will have 100 dead people and £1 billion of lawsuits to factor in to his cost saving. How’s it looking now, asshat?

Old Spice ad

Surely one of the best commercials ever. “I’m on a horse”:

Budgie killer

When there’s shitty news, Ted Bundyesque massacres of budgies always bring on a smile.

In other news

-Sun-dried tomatoes rock my world.

-Doodlepool is addictive.

-Derren Brown, you are the tits.

Finally, this guy is a fanny:

That cut is tiny! Grow up, wimpy. Byes.