A sign of things to come?

Idiot #3

If I were on the street, and wanted to use some patois to describe my feelings at the moment, they would be “nuff people piss me off”. Or, for you middle class whiteys out there, a lot of people annoy me. So, I’m going to turn them into an ongoing series, much the same as Will.i.am’s profound tweets, called Idiots. Number 3 is David Willetts. The late Gary Coleman would surely say “What you talkin’ ’bout Willetts?”. As Universities Minister, he has hinted that the cap on tuition fees may be scrapped, with the Evening Standard speculating that some institutions want fees raised to as much as £7,000 a year. This would certainly make university, once more, the preserve of those families who can afford it. It is an elitist system, and a policy that I hoped the new coalition would steer clear of, especially considering that the Lib Dems stood on the basis that should they have been elected, fees would have been scrapped. However, it is hardly a surprise considering Willetts attended Oxford and is worth £1.9m. I just hope that it isn’t passed as law, because me and my brother definitely wouldn’t have been able to go to university had that been the case.

Footballers with consciences

A lot of footballer’s are prima donnas. I love the game, but I won’t deny it. The money around is extortionate – the footballers only earn their fair share of what the clubs make, but it is still far too much. However, some footballers choose to do good. Didier Drogba donated £3m to build a hospital in his home country of the Ivory Coast. And now, Barcelona’s David Villa has had an innovative anti-racism clause put into his contract. It is a legally binding agreement on the part of Villa not to engage in racist behaviour. It really shouldn’t be needed in this day and age, but it is another step forward in the fight against racism, especially in Spain where abuse is endemic. Hopefully, it will become the norm, and racism will be wiped out of football completely.

Maradona is nuts

Here is the Argentinean team training for the World Cup. The losers of the session’s practice match are the ones in the goal:

How Spotify fucks over artists

Last year, James Blunt made $0.00043 from Spotify. That's $0.00043 too much

The Human Centipede

For those of you who are unaware of this summer’s must-see blockbuster:

Now, buy the necklace:

Katona, Jordan and Feltz would do anything for the Heat cover


Where sport meets porno:

#24 was surprised to find a vagina down there

In other news:

-Meet the tiger-dog.

-Me likey the dim sum.

-I quite like Big Brother. Bother.

Right, that’s quite enough for one blog. I spoil you lot. Lucky bastards.