so what about the Libyans?

Dead, you'll have seen that though

Colonel Gaddafi is dead, shot by persons unknown after being dragged from a sewer. His life ended in a manner that befitted a brutal dictator. The press reveled in the pictures of the last moments of his life, captured on videophone. It was all over the front pages of Friday’s papers.

Quite frankly, I found it all pretty disgusting. I’ll link through here to some of the front pages – I won’t host them here as they were vile. Take for example the Sun’s headline: THAT’S FOR LOCKERBIE. AND FOR YVONNE FLETCHER. AND IRA SEMTEX VICTIMS. Er, what about the countless Libyans persecuted, tortured, murdered in his 42 years of power?

This war wasn’t supposed to be about the West. This was part of the Arab Spring, an uprising brought about by the disaffection of a people subjected to cruelty and yearning for a fairer, free society. Yet you wouldn’t have thought it, to look upon the gloating, hypocritical press.

Yes, Gaddafi was responsible, however indirectly, for many Western deaths. But this wasn’t our victory, it was the Libyan nation’s. And what about all the children who would have seen the pictures of Gaddafi’s dying moments or his corpse? Our press bangs on about the loss of childhood and how films, computer games and the internet are warping children’s fragile little minds. Smacking a great big picture of a dead man on the front of your rag helps that how?

It’s important to acknowledge moments of history like this, but when we celebrate a death like Gaddafi’s in the manner we have, we lower ourselves to that level. Gaddafi might have been a murderous despot, but there is no place for the glorification of any death. It’s unjustifiable, and wrong, and despicable. Gaddafi would’ve been proud.

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