Now, piss off snow

Ignore the shit video, for An Ending by Brian Eno:

I love this song, and there are better videos on youtube that I can’t embed. One of them features stills of thousands of graves, and one deep thinker has posted the following comment:

Every one of those graves is the final resting place for a soul who lived in the past. Every one of them had a unique path they followed in life. So many stories, so many lives, it seems so overwhelming. Yet one human life is so short compared to the Universe’s lifetime, so every one of those dead souls is just a tiny part of the Universe. It makes one wonder if all the things we do in life, are significant or not. Rest in peace, every´╗┐ soul who ever lived.

The name of this philosophical genius? MrKILLERSHRIMP. Says it all really.

Gay rights

‘The Daily Show with John Stewart’ is well worth a watch. It basically takes the piss out of America, which is always good. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the segment, but the other day they highlighted a vote in New Jersey to legalise gay marriage. For a country that has had so many historic battles for rights (Martin Luther King, feminism, abolishing the slave trade etc.) and treasures its ‘freedom’ so highly, it is amazing how much discrimination still remains against gays. Most of it seems to be from the religious right, and staggeringly, some of the people protesting against granting gays a right to marriage used these previous struggles to justify their actions. An elderly black woman said something along the lines of “as a black woman in America, I have fought and fought for my rights to deny other people theirs stop this travesty”. As it happens, the vote got rejected, and gay people in NJ still have no legal right to marriage.

On a related note, Sarah Palin has been hired by Fox as an analyst, which is quite a scary statement of intent by both parties.


Short rant. Unless you’re going to send me emails saying ‘Did you miss “Katona Skewered By Wild Boar”‘, don’t email me at all Beeb. Especially to suggest I catch up on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Leave me alone.


Getting boring now, but looking up. When it first snowed, someone built a snowman outside my house. At first, it was quite a novelty, and I liked my jolly house snowman. Then, as the days dragged on, and the shitty slushy white stuff remained, my snowman started to mock me. ‘Look Craig, see how well I am clinging onto my life. I’m not going anywhere, maybe you should leave’. I came home from work today, and the snowman had toppled. FUCK YOU SNOWY! You’ll mock me no more.

The best Telegraph article ever

Big fish: a carp the size of Kylie Minogue and other angling records and their celebrity equivalents

I’m off for a poo now. Tara.

Snow Day!

So I’m home from work early!

Here’s some animal cruelty to start 2010.

80’s music was brilliant:

I love the little calypso bit at about 2:25.

Please buy me one of these.

In other news: I just had a ladybird on my head. How it got there is anyone’s guess!

That’s about all. Everything goes quiet when it snows.