Steven Davies, modern hero

He’s out, and it’s a good thing

Steven Davies - a brilliant man


England cricketer Steven Davies has come out as gay. This shouldn’t be news – statistically he isn’t the only one. But in reality, professional sport has a problem with homosexuality. Despite the wave of support and admiration for Davies, there will be players and fans who believe Davies has made the wrong decision. They will say it will create disharmony in the dressing room, that it will make the team vulnerable to abuse, that it could be a distraction from the game at hand. Of course, this is all bollocks. Just because he likes men, doesn’t mean he likes all men. If Ian Bell drops the soap, Davies isn’t going to slyly penetrate him. Davies will continue as he did before, but with one poignant difference – the next gay cricketer/sportsperson won’t feel alone. Homophobia will be beaten by acceptance, but it will take time and it will take more bravery like that Steven Davies has displayed. However, equality is coming, and that can only be a great thing.

Iran boycott

Iran reckons the 2012 Olympic logo looks like it spells Zion:

ZION lol jk everyone knows it's Lisa Simpson giving head

Er, bullshit. But a boycott would still be a shame. No Iranian bobsleigh team? No Iranian beach volleyball? No Iranian synchro 10m diving? Gutted.


John Galliano has been sacked by Christian Dior for allegedly aiming anti-semitic remarks at drinkers in a Parisian bar. Among the things he supposedly said:

“I love Hitler”

“people like you would be dead”

“Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed”

Cunt. Simple as. If he’s guilty, he should be fucking gassed. That’d be beautiful irony.

Stalker cat

This is why the internet is brilliant:

In other news

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Arcade Fire, yeah:

Belter off the suburbs. If I was pure.