An apology

Sorry Catholics

Last night I had a little rant about Catholicism. This was in the wake of the Vatican classifying the ordination of female priests as a grave crime, on the same level as child abuse. But this move has seriously angered Catholics, and ever since the sex abuse allegations gained credence and evidence thousands of Catholics have left the church. So sorry you guys. But seriously, sort out your leadership, because they are fucked. In. The. Head.

Play Lebron Off, Keyboard Cat

Good on you rich boys

I like good people. I like the fact that the fantastically rich founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen and Bill Gates, are pledging to give an absolute shitload of cash to charity. Good on them.

Eric Cantona

Eric is the best footballer the Premiership has ever seen. He’s also in a surprisingly good advert for Sky (but why the fuck does Sky Sports News need to be in HD? Would you put Ceefax in HD? Dicks). Here is why I love Eric:

In other news

-Beginning to get into this Tour de France malarky. The stuff they go through is immense.

-I want to read Satan Burger.

-Cardiff baby.

Right. Need my sleep. Ciao.