Recycle or die

... with a gun to my head

I’m all for saving the world. Turning off unnecessary appliances, jumper instead of heating, using both sides of the loo roll. Fossil fuels are running out and like it or lump it, we need to be more energy efficient. With that in mind, the 10:10 campaign was launched at the Tate Modern amid a fanfare of celebrity and aimed at a 10% reduction in carbon emissions by the end of 2010. However, making retarded promos like this will not help the cause:

As the backlash rose and gathered volume, there were attempts to justify ‘No Pressure’ as ‘funny and satirical‘. But it wasn’t. I’m the first to laugh at tasteless humour when it’s funny, but this film is the epitome of shite. It’s not amusing in the slightest, and completely undermines the green movement as well. Plus, for people who can’t be bothered to differentiate the various causes and groups, it makes it easy to bosh them all under the label ‘hippy nutsacks’. It’s sad, because a well thought out, clever film could’ve brought much needed positive publicity for 10:10. As it is, they get called foolish and misguided, and made to look like all the herbal tea has gone to their head. Shame.

Child benefit

The coalition government has announced that it is cutting child benefit for higher rate tax payers. I’m not entirely sure why, but this move has drawn some criticism. Since the Conservative party is often accused of defending the upper classes, this move came out of left field and was a huge surprise. But still, criticism. Let’s not forget – the economy is fucked and the deficit is enormous. This will save £1 billion a year. I’m pretty sure the earners of £44,000+ can shoulder some of the burden to get the economy back on a sure footing.

As an aside, debating this on the C4 news was Louise Bagshawe ,Conservative MP for Corby and certifiable MILF.

Running Wilde

New TV show from those behind Arrested Development:

It doesn’t look as immediate as AD, but I’d still love to see it over here. Will Arnett will always be Gob to me though:

Natural selection

A man in Spain has driven into a reservoir and died, after his GPS told him to. Poor fellow and all, but you would’ve thought that even at night, you might see a reservoir coming, no? Survival of the fittest, some might say?

In other news

Storm fucking Lee?

Iran getting Come Dine With Me – putting the dinner into Ahmadinejad.


65daysofstatic to finish:

They are really very, very good at times. Right, I have to return some videotapes. Night.