Mosque kerfuffle

Please note - not to scale. Or accurate lighting. This picture is a bit of a lie. I just had some goujons

Islamophobia is rife in America. In Gainesville, Florida, a pastor is planning on “commemorating” 9/11 by burning the Qur’an. Sadly, this kind of proclamation isn’t greeted with the outrage that would rise if, say, the Pastor was an Imam and “burning the Qur’an” was “destroying some more skyscrapers”. It’s also a shame that the hatred that caused 9/11 has manifested itself in everyday Americans. This is especially a problem in a country where free speech is so revered that even shithoarders like the pastor of Gainesville get listened to, instead of being buried under stale cheese bread. However, there is hope for the stars and stripes, in people like the current mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Speaking on The Daily Show, as hosted by another good Yank, Jon Stewart, Bloomberg spoke the kind of rationality that can only bode well for the future. Apologies for the crappy video, and while the riffing is good, they get down to it after about 2 minutes:
Kids at festivals
This bird doesn’t agree with kids at festivals, because they wake her up. I have been woken up by just about every kind of human at many different festivals. Therefore I want no-one at festivals. That’s right, just me and Arcade Fire. Except that would be rubbish. Imagine the awkward crowd banter… “Thank you Glastonbury, you’ve been an awesome… person”. I agree that in some festival circumstances, kids should be kept well clear (I saw a woman frantic because her child was getting bashed about once at a festival. It was the mosh pit in Queens Of The Stone Age. Well, duuuuh). However, Glastonbury and Latitude are two festival that couldn’t be more perfect for kids if they tried. So pipe down.
In other news
-BBQ sauce, yeah.
-Big Brother is getting funny.
-The blog is broke!
Right, it’s winding me up. I’m off in protest. Bye.