Gordon Brown

I’ll be honest, I feel pretty sorry for GB. The furore that has exploded over his letter of condolence seems pretty harsh, given that the chap is blind in one eye and suffers pretty poor vision in the other. Any other person with serious disability would not be subjected to the personal attack that has been aimed at him – GB seems fair game though.

The handwriting in the letter is pretty awful, I won’t deny that. But take into account the PM’s dodgy eyesight, and it’s pretty commendable that he still writes the letters by hand. I know people with 20:20 vision whose writing would shame a camel. He’s trying his best, and obviously didn’t set out to offend a dead soldiers mother with his letter. However, she’s gone with the letter to The Sun, who aren’t GB’s biggest fans at the moment. And they’ve set out to rip him to shreds.

I feel sorry for the mother, not just for the tragic loss of her son, but as she has obviously been exploited by tabloid hacks with an eye for a scandal. But trying to trap GB by recording your phone call to him is pretty low. I hope she can leave all this mess behind.

One of the reasons I feel sorry for Gordon is because he lacks charisma, and so people think he’s cold and detached. I think he was being sincere when he tried to apologise, as I think he is sincere as a politician, but it just doesn’t come across. And now he’s getting lambasted from all corners, and I think it’s wrong.

Unfortunately for Gordon, shit seems to stick to him, and it has been his downfall. But he doesn’t deserve it sometimes, and this is one of those occasions.

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