Oh bloody bollocks

Broomy provokes walkout

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a little insane. Election fixing, Jew hating and now he’s 9/11 denying. Causing a mass walkout at the UN isn’t all that bad though compared to the monster war he seems to be angling for. While the politics of the Middle East is not a strong point of mine, the thought of him bombing the fuck out of everyone he doesn’t like, then everyone bombing the fuck out of him back, is pretty scary. Especially when you see the consequences of nuclear explosions. This NY Times collection of atom bomb pictures is disturbingly beautiful and chilling all at once. Hopefully, scenes like that will never be seen again.

Some beautiful music

As seen in the This Is England ’86 ads:

Chile miners

The logistics behind getting the Chilean miners back to the surface are being set in place. The miners are training and the equipment is soon to be functional. Let’s hope they’re out before Christmas. In the meantime, here’s a joke – the miners challenged me to a fight over walkie talkie, but I refuse to lower myself to their level.

Sport sucks

Spurs – lost.

Panthers – lost.

Hamilton – lost.

Saints – lost.


In other news

-This is a link to a news website article about a scientific paper.

-What to do if you’re called Wang? Marry DeCock.

-Mullerice, NOM NOM NOM.

Fuck it. Bed.