What kind of a name is Mitt?

Just look at that cheeseball

The ongoing race for the Republican nomination to fight Barack Obama in this years presidential election is nothing spectacular. A few rich white guys slinging mud at each other, while simultaneously attempting to sling some Obama’s way too. Nonetheless, it has highlighted some of the mad divides that exist across the pond.

Mitt Romney (who, amazingly, does not have the silliest first name in the battle) is rich. Filthy rich. So rich he doesn’t quite know how much money he has, estimating his fortune at “between 150 and 200-and-some-odd million dollars“. That’s some serious coin.

Mitt has had to defend his wealth, which in all fairness, he has earned. It may have been earned sacking thousands of other Americans, but be that as it may, he worked and earned a wage. What is indefensible is the tax he has paid on his earnings in recent years.

Mitt’s cash in tied up in investments, the profits of which act as an income. On $45m earned in the last two years, he paid $6.2m in tax – just under 14%. While he doesn’t know how much money he has, the average American pays 35% on earned income. It’s madness. The disparity between rich and poor is perverse, and while Mitt can make no apologies for being rich, he can not justify why a nurse scraping pay contributes a greater portion of her pay than he does.

Rick Santorum, an outsider but still in the game, has been talking about abortion. In the ├╝ber religious US of A, abortion is always a contentious issue. Santorum’s views, however, do not strike me as those of a person fit to run a superpower.

Rick says that he “would urge his daughter not to have an abortion even after rape“. He believes all life is a gift from God. How do you reconcile that with supporting the death penalty? Rick obviously can.

I don’t get it, at all. Taking aside my atheistic views, I don’t agree with him on abortion, or the death penalty. He justifies his views on the ultimate sanction thus – “I would say when there is certainty, that’s the case when capital punishment can be used”. Firstly, on very, very few occasions is there certainty. Even then, I believe you are lowering yourself to the killer’s level if you kill them. Secondly, what if the pregnant woman is certain that having that child is the wrong thing? How is his certainty more valid than hers?

But that is America. And whoever get’s the Republican nomination will have a hard time unseating Obama. Mitt, Rick, Newt, Ron – do your worst.


Fuck yeah is about right

Daily Fail

Everyone knows the Daily Mail is turboshit. A young man fell down some stairs in a carpark while high. What killed him? Cannabis. Genius. Not the blow to the head. How is this even news? How can someone write that bilge and feel good about themselves? How many people die in alcohol related accidents? Who bloody knows. Certainly not the Fail.

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