Bunch of gays


Michael Ballack’s agent, Michael Becker, has been quoted in the German press saying that there is a ‘bunch of gays’ in the national football team. This apparently is the cause of their new more elegant, effeminate style of play, a far cry from the efficient, systematic German teams of old. Or so Mr Becker says. Of course it’s bullshit. Nothing like sexuality has ever influenced a football team’s style. That’s like saying because they ate potato waffles they will play in rigid formation, or like blaming Nigel De Jong’s tackle on him seeing a poster for The Karate Kid on the way to the ground. Becker is being rightly harangued for his archaic statements, that sadly reflect the prevalent homophobic attitudes of football. But the Guardian, in it’s reporting of the article, doesn’t really help the situation. “Experts estimate that around 10 per cent of all Bundesliga professionals are gay” – what experts? Did they get Gok Wan in to check for those dressed too well? Or parade Peter Andre in front of teams whilst checking to see which players were nursing a semi? I mean, come on. Experts? Professors of Homosexuality? Guardian, do us all a favour and stick to the facts.

Internet addiction

Sometimes I worry slightly that I may be overly reliant on my internet connection. It’s true that I spend a lot of time in cyberspace. But I am nowhere near as bad as this couple. They neglected their baby girl so badly she starved to death. What were they doing? Raising a baby online. Fucked up world eh?

Graduate tax

Vince Cable is to propose a new system for students where your fees would not be repaid as a loan but rather a graduate tax that is linked to earnings. I think it’s a good idea in principle, but there are still problems with the system. IMHO, there needs to be more funding for science, maths, engineering and other such places. Funding for places on bullshit courses with bullshit prospects should be cut. Funding for research is critical and needs to be ring-fenced. How do you think cures for disease and new technologies are found? Pfizer doesn’t pull them out of a glorious bumhole in Brooklyn, people work their lifetimes for very modest wages for the good of others. As long as Vince looks after them, and the important parts of our further education system, he’ll have done well.



In other news

-Gooch-chasing is fun.

Really interesting article about Wikileaks.

-My colleague’s dog has got a medical issue where it gets too many hard-ons, and apparently it is making him depressed. The dog, not my colleague.

Party people, I’m off. Au revoir.