Return of the Craigy

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I’m back! Blogs have dried up recently, but I need to express myself, emo emo woe is me etc. So, what’s been kicking?

We have a new government, which I’m happy about. I’m a young conservative, and you can sharpen your knives but I genuinely think they’re the best alternative. Gordon Brown is a great politician, but his leadership was inept and farcical, and not helped by a media that was after his blood 24/7, 365 days a year. The Lib Dems are crafty, and spun the Cameron-lite Clegg very well, but proposing to allow 600,000 illegal immigrants and their 600,000 +1s amnesty was, in my view, completely irresponsible. How could they have justified cuts alongside an expansion of the population by 2%? I just hope the coalition works. The tabloid media, as shown by the Lord Triesman debacle, love to try and fuck up a good thing. They feed on fear and distrust. Let’s hope they don’t kick the coalition to death.

The xx

I didn’t think much to The xx when I got ‘Crystalised’ as a free download. But thanks to my badman dvdhth, I gave the album a listen and it’s brilliant. I wanted to say thrilling, but that would be misleading, as the album is so chilled out, and subtle. Romy Croft has a beautiful voice, and lyrically, I really connect with the album. My highlight:

A joke

How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?

In other news

-It’s never as bad as you think.
-Lift people are mostly crude misogynists.
-I’m very excited about the World Cup.


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I warned you. Good night, and good luck.