2010 – boom!

Another year gone…

I’m wearing a pair of shorts. I’m at home. I’m watching Sky Sports. I got in at 4.30am. This can only mean thing. It’s the Christmas break, and this year is nearly over. So here’s my little round-up of good stuff from 2010. In no particular order then:

Going places

One of the rubbish bits of leaving uni and getting jobs has been being so far away from some of the best people in the world. But the flip side of this is going to see these people, and the usually drink-fuelled fun that ensues. This year, I’ve been hungover in Bristol, Preston, Beer, Banbury, Cambridge, Sheffield (more than once – cheers Andy!), Cardiff and home. And here is a little map of where I’ve taken pictures – this is my favourite feature on the iPhone:


New years resolution – make that map a bit more international. However, my trip to America was pretty amazing, so I can’t complain too much.

Blue Turning Grey

A Christmas discovery, courtesy of the film Whip It, which was pretty cool. I bloody love this:

Bret Easton Ellis

His writing is brilliant. It really captures a feeling I’m sure we’ve all had at some stage, a sense of pointlessness in our lives. While Less Than Zero is a drifting snapshot of vacuous teenage parties and relationships, Glamorama is a bizarre engaging film-noir style romp through fashion shows, sex scenes and terrorist attacks. He’s definitely my favourite author at the moment.


The best fun.

Kick Ass

Honourable mentions to Scott Pilgrim and Greenberg, but Kick Ass is my film of the year. Nicholas Cage is probably the best thing about it, but the self tan scene is pretty special too. McLovin is funny as, and Hit-Girl is an abusive little banshee. Smashing:

Tame Impala

Album of the year, by a fair distance. That said, I’m losing touch with music. New years resolution #2 – sort it out. This, however, is pretty much perfect:

In other news

-Looking forward to Mad Men. Cheers bro!

-Looking forward to Kindleing about. Cheers ‘rents!

-Lincoln are unbeaten in December. My Lincoln are 7th in the Premiership. Tidy.

This goat is the tits:

Right, one last thing. It’s been so cool seeing old friends over the holiday period, and a couple of you have said you like my rants. I really appreciate any praise I get for this blog, it’s just a laugh but it’s sweet knowing some of you like it so muchos gracias. See you in the new year!