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Anti-social bellends will lose

House of Reeves, a 144 year old shop, goes up in smoke

I don’t know if you noticed, but all has not been well. Starting in Tottenham on Saturday in the wake of one man’s death at the hands of the police, the unrest has spread like a particularly vile cancer. What begin as protest evolved into madness and poisonous mayhem.

From Croydon to Enfield, Bristol to Manchester, and many other places in between, trouble-making turned to looting and police were stretched to their limit. It has been disgusting to witness the carnage. The picture above of the Reeves furniture shop that was destroyed by fire is the tip of the rotten iceberg. Aside from Mark Duggan, the supposed gangster shot by police, 4 other men have died so far, with others critically ill in hospital. Gangs of kids have burgled relentlessly, and robbed mercilessly:

Don’t believe that it was all disaffected youth, taking the opportunity to nick some trainers. In Liverpool, 50% of people arrested were over 17. One of the first people in court facing charges relating to the riots was a 31 year old school worker. Yes, there was a huge youth element to the trouble, but to say this was school-holiday boredom is a fallacy.

Just blaming one cause is pointless. There was one ridiculous posh witch on Newsnight who said, and I quote, “I bet 50% [of rioters] have no involved father”. Bollocks. I have never heard more tosh in my life. I came from a broken home and I know right from wrong. Every rioter had a choice to make, personally, that has nothing to do with your wealth, family life, or upbringing. You don’t need a dad to know that bricking Currys is wrong.

Two things must be kept at the forefront of attention once the idiots go home. Firstly, people died. Whether or not Mark Duggan was a gangster, there must be a full inquiry into his death and if it was unlawful, action must be taken. The deaths of the man shot in London and those run down in Birmingham while defending their neighbourhood should not go unpunished either – those left behind deserve justice.

Secondly, there are thousands of idiots on the streets, but thousands more who are good honest people. Yes, that kid got robbed. So someone set up a website to help him out. Yes, whole boroughs got trashed, and set alight. So people organised themselves on Twitter to clean it up. Yes, our world turned a bit mad. But London, and the UK, will carry on, safe in the knowledge that the shitheads who perpetrated the worst of the criminal acts are a tiny minority. They may have new trainers. But we have morality, solidarity, and won’t be defeated. So fuck off and try it on elsewhere.

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