The King Of Limbs… not so good

Court jester maybe

I love Radiohead. One of the greatest gigs I’ve ever been to was in Victoria Park, when an imperious Mr. Yorke and co. blew my socks off. I’m not an obsessive collector of their music, but in pretty much every corner of their varied career I can find something to connect with. This goes for The King Of Limbs too, their latest release that has been available to download since Friday. But unlike every Radiohead album before it, The King of Limbs is more filler than killer. Out of the eight tracks, only the last three are memorable, the previous five merging into a turgid mass of beats and distortion. Radiohead have been criticised when their output has meandered before, but to me this latest release smacks of a lack of invention. In Rainbows came out of nowhere, and the pay-what-you-like approach was a blast of fresh air in the stale music business. Because of the shock announcement of The King Of Limbs, there wasn’t so long for anticipation to build, but nevertheless I felt let down come last Friday. It’s a mark of how little I think of the record that I listened to it twice, and not again since. Don’t give me this grower crap – you know if an album is a grower because it latches on and forces you to persevere. The King Of Limbs gets nowhere near this level. I truly hope this is a blip. Music needs Radiohead, and IMHO, they’ve dropped the ball.

Daily Mail-o-matic

Would it surprise anyone if it was revealed that the Mail actually used this site for headlines? This bullshit fear rag is almost indistinguishable from the random junk the Mail-o-matic spits out. My favourite – COULD HOODIES HAVE SEX WITH THE QUEEN?


I also love Apple. They however, are treading a fine line. It has been reported that the iPhone 4 costs only $6.54 to produce, but still Apple are getting into bother over their labour practices. Previous complaints include rubbish wages and conditions driving workers to suicide. Now there have been accusations that n-Hexane used in the manufacturing has poisoned workers in one of the Chinese plants producing iPhones. Now, Apple products will always sell. So Steve Jobs should sacrifice some of the monumental profits he makes and guarantee the safety for the people paying his wages. Just saying.

Most blatant penalty ever


In other news

Russian architecture is fricking sweet.

Cool science.

-He probably likes this.

Rather good:

Yet another thing to thank Mad Men for. Cracking.