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Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear FTW



I love Jon Stewart. America is a huge place, a disparate nation held together by politics and religion – quintessential beliefs that every American views as a right. At Stewart’s rally (where he was ably assisted by Stephen Colbert), no-one was attacked for their values.. Unlike Glenn Beck’s rally, the Sanity Rally aimed to dampen down the volatility that exists within the American media. Whilst a huge amount of people attended – Comedy Central applied for a permit for 60,000, but there were well over 200,000 participants on the day – there was no hysteria. Indeed, the most thought had gone not into provoking a reaction, but into the signs people took. Some of the better ones:

IRAQI-AMERICAN: I’m afraid to get on a plane with myself


Though shalt not be douchebags

Whilst the rally wasn’t really about anything in particular, it did what it set out to do. Stewart did live what his show does every night. The reactionary press was lampooned, and everyone had a laugh along with it. Here’s Mr. Stewart to sum up. “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing”. Never a truer word said:

Google Maps

I love Google Maps, especially when it screws up. Here’s how to get from Japan to China. See direction 43:


Hop on the jet ski, we're off for some chow-mein

Quick tip – don’t bother

Fate Of The World – a British made computer game about climate change – is released tomorrow. The developers needn’t have bothered. It won’t be fun. Preachy games aren’t. When I play games, I want escapism,, not to be bored with the grim realities of everyday life. I want to manage Lincoln City to Champions League glory, I want to shoot up a bank, I want to buy a shit car, put a big fuck-off spoiler on it, and drive too fast. I do not want to sort out my rubbish into recycling and food waste. Whilst the world may be fucked, I’m pretty sure this game is too.

Lily Allen

I like Lily a lot. She’s talented, ballsy, and swears. Pretty much the ideal woman. So it’s really upsetting news that she has miscarried a second time. Get well soon Lily. No one deserves that kind of tragedy.

In other news

-You too, Danny Baker.

-Good weekend.

-It was never, ever a goal.

Finally, I love Collating buzz from music blogs, it’s a great way to find new music. Tops of some earlier foraging was Blackbird Blackbird:

Rightys. Sleep may be a good idea. Night all.