Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur

Birthday soon

I’ll be 22 on Sunday. Here’s a pimping one-song-a-year playlist starting in 1988, like a timeline of my life:

1988 – Dinosaur Jr., Freak Scene

1989 – Pixies, Debaser

1990 – Nirvana, Sliver

1991 – Blur, She’s So High

1992 – The Cure, High

1993 – Suede, Animal Nitrate

1994 – Stone Temple Pilots, Vasoline

1995 – Elliott Smith, Roman Candle

1996 – Wilco, Hotel Arizona

1997 – Foo Fighters, My Hero

1998 – Teardrop, Massive Attack

1999 – Placebo, Every You Every Me

2000 – Oasis, Gas Panic

2001 – Ryan Adams, Sylvia Plath

2002 – Interpol, Obstacle 1

2003 – The Cooper Temple Clause, Blind Pilots

2004 – Hope Of The States, Black Dollar Bills

2005 – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, In This Home On Ice

2006 – ¬°Forward, Russia!, Nineteen

2007 – Two Gallants, Reflections Of The Marionette

2008 – Crystal Castles, Tell Me What To Swallow

2009 – The Horrors, Sea Within A Sea

2010 – Hot Chip, Brothers

I’ll burn this on a CD if anyone wants it. Let me know baba ganoosh.

World Cup

Emmanuel Ebou√© is a funny fucker. He turned up to Arsenal’s Christmas Party dressed as a tiger. The event was black tie. Here’s him pretending to understand North Korean:

And this is a) an incredible nutmeg and b) why Spain are a bit good:

And here is why the Ghanaian team are winners of the Dude award for this years tournament. I would love it if they could win. It will never happen. But it would top off what has been a boss few weeks.

This makes me want to be an astronaut…

The French/Italian border from space. Cool as.

This makes me want to be Norman Foster, but not 75

Unbelievably cool. I'm a building nerd, and this is my wet dream.

In other news:

-A really interesting article about prison and rehab.

-I keep staying up late, and complaining of being tired. Ergo, I’m a tit.

-Best before? Pfft.

Actual bedtime. For sure. 21, goodbye. It’s been beautiful.