xx victorious

They are ours now

Huzzah, xx

Congrats, xx. They have won the Mercury Music Prize, and it’s hugely deserved. The album is brilliant, a real fusion of warmth and minimalism, and sounds completely different from anything else I’ve heard for a long time. This is how the album kicks off, and it’s all this good:


England played 2, won 2. Played well with it. Destroyed a decent Bulgaria, and dominated for 75 minutes in testing conditions in Switzerland. The team looks younger, fresher, and is playing with an impetus that was sadly lacking in South Africa. Are we going to win Euro 2012? Probably not. But I’ll be there watching, maybe in the Goat, maybe somewhere else, every match that I can. Go team.

William Hague

Will, I’m officially part of team Hague, so please heed this advice – after the past few days you’ve had, don’t use the word ‘nailed‘.

I’m Still Here

Hoax? Documentary? Who cares. This new Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Affleck film looks brilliant:

In other news

-Scabby knee.

-iPhone on! Yuppee.

-Aero McFlurrys take the pain away.

Finally, a bit of Fleetwood Mac. This was in This Is England ’86, which was utterly fantastic. Shane Meadows, take a bow. Now, to the gang:

Night, motherfathers.