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A gay couple has been awarded damages after being turned away from a bed and breakfast where they were booked to stay for the night. The Christian B&B owners refused to let them stay in a double bed together, and said, “We believe a person should be free to act upon their sincere beliefs about marriage under their own roof”.

To be fair to the B&B owners, they refused to let unmarried heterosexual couples stay together as well. However, all this means is they discriminate equally. The issue here is that the B&B owners roof is not just theirs anymore. As soon as those bedrooms are sold for the night, the proprietors lose their say over who stays there. You don’t like those who want to pay for your services? Don’t offer them.

I don’t believe that religion should take precedence over sexuality. One can decide on Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Voodoo, Paganism or anyone of the myriad of religious belief systems. All are stories, all teach values and none are more valid than any other. However, no one chooses who they love. Religion is a choice, sexual preference is not.

Nick Griffin has decided to lend his typically lop-sided view on events, tweeting about the supposed ‘heterophobia’ of the decision. He then went on to tweet the address of the quiet, unassuming couple. He said “A British justice team will come & give you a bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle”.

We all know that Nick Griffin is a witless thundercunt. He has no right to incite “drama” (i.e. violence) against an elderly couple, no matter what their views. He proposes dealing with their supposed intolerance of heterosexuals with yet more intolerance. As of 22:20 on October 18th, his Twitter account has been suspended, and rightly so.

I am a young white straight British male. My life is simple. I will never be turned down for a job based on my age. I will never be racially discriminated against. No-one will ever mock my sexuality. I speak the native language of my country. I will never experience a glass ceiling due to not having a penis. My life is easy.

For anyone who doesn’t fall into that bucket of convenience, they will endure various levels of unfairness. Nick Griffin, Y Gribin, Llanerfyl, Y Trallwng, Welshpool, SY21 0JQ, believes that he has the right to exacerbate that. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone went and showed that subhuman fucktard a bit of drama at his house?

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Serbian monkey chants “not racist”

The Serbian FA has denied that there were “any occurrences of racism” during their U21 match against England:

They’re monkey chants, aimed at black men. THAT’S RACISM, ASSHATS. Serbia have prior form, and should be banned from tournament football. UEFA and FIFA pussyfoot around the issue and the issue never goes away. It is abhorrent that in this day and age, young men can’t go and play football in a foreign country without being abused for the colour of their skin. Serbia – fuck off, and drag your sorry football fans into the present day and age. Until then, play with yourselves. Wankers.

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