Blowing his own trumpet

Leader of the free  world?

The man, the hairpiece

Donald Trump is contemplating standing for President. Oh crap. For a start, he’s a Republican, and admirer of the Tea Party movement. He says someone needs to do something about the trillion dollar debt his country faces. The debt that was mainly the fault of the previous administration. The Republican administration. Trump has no qualifications relevant to running a country, and yet he can stick his name into the mix by virtue of his fame and cash. The American political cycle generates new candidates almost the day the new President walks over the White House threshold. Obama was inaugurated on 20th January 2009. Let’s hope it’s not Trump in his place in 2013.

Also, Obama is sharp. Watch how he deals with this little carpentry faux pas:

Jackboots On Whitehall

“Team America meets Inglorious Basterds” – pretty apt. This could be very, very funny:


Did nobody think putting a wheelchair next to the pitch was a bit dangerous?

Don’t poke a lion with a stick

Self-explanatory, surely:

In other news

-Dicks are dicks are dicks.

-Steve McClaren should do the patriotic thing and make sure he’s never on the same land mass as the England football team ever again. Please don’t apply for the manager’s job again. PLEASE.

-Weekend come soon.

This sounds freaking cool:

Youtube heavy. Ah well. IT WAS SHAMEFUL.