When nothing is enough

You sexy thing

Tony Blair is to donate all proceeds from his memoirs (available in all good bookshops) to the Royal British Legion. He has been both praised and derided for this move. I personally think it’s a genuinely good gesture, regardless of whether it is a product of guilty conscience or not. Blair has been good at making money off the back of his time in No. 10. This book would’ve made him even more cash – the advance alone was £4.6m. But he has given it all to a worthy cause. The Stop The War Coalition responded thus –

“Tony Blair’s decision to give the money made from his memoirs to the British Legion is welcome if it means that some of those who have suffered as a direct consequence of his criminal wars will benefit. But no proportion of Tony Blair’s massive and ill-gotten fortune can buy him innocence or forgiveness. He took this country to war on a series of lies against the best legal advice and in defiance of majority opinion. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in the pointless death of hundreds of British soldiers and hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians.”

I would contend most of that. His criminal wars? No. If they were anyone’s, they were Bush’s. Blair took us to war as an ally of America, and was in a position where he couldn’t say no. Ill-gotten fortune? Erm, last I checked he wasn’t mugging elderly ladies to make his way, he was teaching and giving speeches. So, perfectly fair methods of earning a fortune. I agree that he went against a lot of the country’s opinion, but the majority? I’m not sure. I can’t argue that the wars have resulted in huge amounts of deaths, but the Taliban and Saddam Hussein didn’t run the most forgiving of regimes as far as I’m aware. Blair could never please everyone. He could discover the fountain of youth, achieve nirvana and still find time to feed all the world’s poor, and some bright spark would complain about his carbon footprint. People aren’t always all bad. Blair’s donation will directly improve the fortunes of a large number of British service personnel, those who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, past and future wars. Maybe I’m too sensitive about this coming from a service family, but I can’t see how this is a bad thing.

Die Antwoord

When I first heard this, I thought Goldie Lookin’ Chain mk 2. But then I realised it was Die Antwoord, who I’d read about in Dazed and Confused. I gave it another listen, and quite frankly, it’s fokken alles. Enjoy:

Home births

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle about home births today. An American study has suggested that children are upto three times more likely to die if birth happens at home, not in a hospital. Midwives have responded, saying that the research is flawed. Now, as per usual, I’m no expert. But the way I see it, if you’re at home and your new-born child unexpectedly needs an incubator, you can’t very well pop him/her/it in the Aga. I understand that no birth, hospital or home, is 100% safe. But better safer than sorry, no?

Grandma’s House

Bloody funny. I missed the first one, but I’m pretty sure the DVD will be on my Santa list:

In other news

-If you’ve been a naughty boy and got caught drink-driving, do a “Swann” – blame it on the cat.

-Where’s my iPhone?

-What did the policeman penguin say to the snowman robber? Freeze!

Right. Beddie bye byes.