Mark of respect mired in ignominy

The Poppy

Go, David Cameron. Go, Prince William. Go, the FA, twitter and EDL… er, wait a minute.

FIFA was beaten, and now the England team will be proudly displaying the poppy on black armbands during Saturday’s friendly with Spain. Go us.

Now, I don’t want this to be construed as anti-The Poppy Appeal. I buy my poppy every year, and wear it with pride. I come from a military background, a military area and some of my best friends are serving in the forces.

The problem is, this whole furore has literally nothing to do with The Poppy Appeal. Every football fan in England hates FIFA since the Ruskis got the World Cup. The Government are pissed off with FIFA because they spent a shitload of money on a failed bid. Prince William is narked at FIFA because he has to do something except trying to get Kate to do anal. And the EDL are annoyed because it hurts dragging your knuckles all day.

I’m not defending FIFA either. There was no need for them to take the stand they did, but I understand the point they were trying to enforce. And the fact of the matter is, none of our war dead will be dishonoured by the lack of a poppy on the England shirt.

Every fan can wear a poppy. They will be on display in Wembley Stadium. A minutes silence will be observed by 90,000 fans, plus the millions watching at home (hopefully). Yeah, FIFA look dickish. But we threw our toys out of the pram. The Poppy Appeal is a dignified way to commemorate our fallen heroes, not a propaganda campaign. Maybe we should have been bearing that in mind over the past few days.

To be honest, personally I was more offended by the ridiculous massive chintzy poppies on display on the X Factor this weekend. I will freely acknowledge that the stylised poppies raise money for the Royal British Legion. However, I still don’t agree with them. The poppy, in my humble opinion, should not be a fashion accessory.

So go and buy a poppy. Observe a moments silence on the 11th at 11am. Sing the national anthem if you watch the game on Saturday. And remember what the poppy means on this day.

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… and it’s not just me who thinks so. The Detroit Lions booked the Canuck cunts for a half-time show on Thanksgiving – the fans said no. WELL DONE.



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-Pretty much bald.


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