BP and their dirty tactics

British Pricktroleum

Trying to fuck America from land and sea


BP isn’t particularly popular right now, you know, after that big clusterfuck in the Gulf of Mexico. News that they are funding Tea Party candidates in the upcoming US midterm elections is not going to help their image. That is, unless you’re as misguided and irrational as Tea Party. It seems BP are donating to climate change deniers – it certainly would be convenient for the massive oil company if they had that little debate silenced for a while. Could this also be a slight retaliation against Barack Obama? After all, Obama’s anti-BP rhetoric bordered on vitriol. It seems BP deserved it though. The Tea Party are as crude and dirty as the wetlands of Louisiana. They’re good for each other.


What is wrong with the world? People are reading fewer books, and yet one that is expected to sell well is the memoir of a marketing campaign. As if the meerkat ads weren’t annoying enough, now a book is being released. What’s wrong with Roald Dahl, Bret Easton Ellis, Tolkein? Read something real, you sad fucks.

Greatest lap of all?

European Grand Prix, 1993, Donington Park. Ayrton Senna starts 5th, quickly drops a place, and yet by the end of the lap is 1st:

Christmas Pot Noodle

Christmas Dinner. In a pot. Money to charity. Cheesy name – Pot Noeldle. What’s not to like?

In other news

-The Afrikaans for ‘astrology’ is sterrewiggelary.

-Million Pound Drop. Back and brilliant.

-I bloody love Preston.

This was amazing on the train. Chilled me right out:

Fab times, good people, paedo coats. YES.