Logan! Sienna! Ethan! Tea’s ready!

Poor little mites

Why did you called me Zachary?

The annual report into the most popular children’s names of the past 12 months has been released by The Office For National Statistics. It has found that Olivia was top for girls and Oliver was numero uno for the boys. Inevitably there was some disquiet amongst the comments on the Guardian story from people concerned by the prevalence of Muhammed and its various forms. Of course these contributors are voicing a valid issue in Britain today complete fucking idiots. There are a lot of Muslims in Britain, get over it. To me, it’s far more concerning that 1524 girls were called Brooke (future pornstars), and there are a staggering 3729 toddlers who vaguely respond to Ethan. Is the only naming inspiration for modern parents coming from the cast list of Lost? I’m chuffed that Craig is nowhere to be seen, and that if I do knock someone up, Rosalie and Albert aren’t either. Yay for exclusivity! And yay for not being called Number 16 Bus Shelter.

Kanye and Jay-Z. AW YEAH

Kanye West and Jay-Z are planning on releasing a joint album. Well, OMG. The two biggest names in hip-hop, together? Makes me a little hard. I hope it’s as good as Power:


A few blogs ago I wrote about the Greater Manchester Police experiment, that aimed to use Twitter to show what the police do all day. I’m sure beating the shit out of men who have been stabbed in the head wasn’t what they had in mind. Darren Grace got the Liverpool fuzz treatment (about 20 seconds in):

Now, I obviously don’t know the circumstances behind the video, but it looks a damn sight like bang-to-rights police brutality to me. And that’s hardly going to be positive for the image of the police. All that work on Twitter, and some halfwit thug in a uniform ruins it all. Such is life.


I love these things, and then I found out how to make them. Here’s one for my blog:

Not as much fucking swearing as I would've twatting thought

Picking out the big words, you see football, miners and police. That’s funny, because if you did a wordle for my as yet untitled 70s porno epic, you’d see the same thing.

In other news

-Horses don’t recognise their own reflections.

Bears have fridges… kind of.

-Michael Owen’s World League Soccer, Shenmue, Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, Vice City.

Peter, Bjorn and John – The Chills:

“You say time heals, but there’s not enough of it”. Corking. Goodnight.