Hello bedroom


This week has been berserker. Just got invited out AGAIN. No chance. Although last night was a corker, especially because of this very NSFW video. Sorry.

Idiot #8

Lee Ryan, once of Blue, tweeted this:

Where to begin?

You could take the gubbins from Kerry Katona’s lipo, microwave it, and it would would be more coherent. Some people should stick to talking about dust and toenails. Lee Ryan, I’m looking at you.

Modern Toss

Modern Toss is fucking funny:

Now they’re doing an exhibition!

"Measure that you pencil-pushing cunt"

It’s on until July the 4th at the Maverik Showroom on Redchurch Street, London. Get down there!


Things that continually amaze me – buildings, bridges and the like. Two of my faves at the moment:

Citigroup Center, NYC

Urban skiing - yet to take off

Turning Torso, Malmo

Cool as fuck

Turning Torso in Malmo is really reminiscent of the Bridge of Aspiration in Covent Garden. It connects the Royal Ballet School with the Royal Opera House, and just sits in a side street looking incredible. It’s fanfuckingtastic:

Out the station, turn right, and left into Floral Street. Look up, agog

Cranes can also be cool, except when they’re killing other cranes:

Football comedy

In other news:

-You’re right, Sunshine is a fucking stupid name.

-Red Stripe, where have you been all my life?

-Thom Yorke, secret set at Glastonbury? Fuck. Fucking Bono made me not go and now it’s fucking awesome. AAGH, I hate the Irish bellend.

Oui oui oui, time for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Shopping tomorrow. Payday is the tits!