Woman’s Right To Choose?

As per usual, rich white men know best

Abortion, no. Death penalty, WAHEY!

Texas has implemented a law entitled “Woman’s Right to Know“. Know what, I hear you ask? Know that they are intelligent human beings, capable of making their own decisions? Apparently not. WRtK forces a woman to see a sonogram of their unborn child, or hear it’s heartbeat, before she can have an abortion. The doctor performing the abortion also has to describe the foetus to the woman and then she has to wait 24 hours before the procedure. Just to mull it over.

This is, quite frankly, fucked up. I made a few sandwich jokes around International Woman’s Day, but fundamentally, men and women are equal. But just because women carry the burden of having to give birth to children, Texas is shaming and degrading them in the hope they change their mind into keeping their child.

The law is highly controversial, and the comic Doonesbury has been pulled from some publications due to its forthright tackling of the issue. Law it is though, and daily woman are being subjected to what amounts to state-sponsored torture.

The decision to terminate a child must be one of, if not THE hardest, a woman in that situation ever has to make. All this law does is make it significantly harder. Will the lawmakers in Texas pass a statute offering free psychological help to those women who have had to make this unimaginable choice? Will they fuck.

The thought process behind this new law beggars belief. I would postulate that in 90% of cases, probably more, the abortion is in the best interests of both mother and child. What if the woman is an addict, and the child would be brought into that environment? Or if the mother is young, poor, and simply can’t afford to raise a child? How about this horrific case, where the child would be severely handicapped and the mother is engaging in an act of mercy?

In a state such as Texas too. A state with 313 people on death row. They clearly don’t value life that highly!

I believe that in the vast majority of cases, abortion is used by women responsibly and as a last resort. And whatever the circumstances, it is certainly not my place to cast aspersions on them. The choice to terminate a pregnancy must be made as simple and easy as possible, and the Texan law WRtK is a deplorable violation of a woman’s rights. So much for the Land of the Free.

Tron dance troupe

I’m not usually one for synchronised dancing. Dancing is a bit rubbish, and when I do it I look like a 12 year old being tasered directly on the scrotum. This, however, is very cool:

Bunny bye bye

This cute little fellow, Til, was born in Germany a few weeks ago:


The sharp-eyed among you will notice that Til has no ears. And this made him a minor celebrity, until a cameraman trod on him. Please, stop for a few seconds, and think for a moment about what may have been for this special little bunny. RIP Til.

More cuteness

Sorry about this, trying to balance out the abortion horror:


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