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England is sweltering.

Cumbrian Massacre

Since Derrick Bird killed 12 people before taking his own life, many questions have been asked. What was his motive? Could the police have done more? Would tighter gun controls have prevented the loss of life? As for the last question, you can argue both sides of the argument. If Bird had had no weaponry, 12 people couldn’t have been shot. But the counterpoint to that is that 12 people could have been stabbed, bludgeoned, or poisoned. Harold Shipman never raised a gun in his life. And whilst guns can be banned, you can never reign in human nature, which is sometimes the most uncontrollable weapon of all.

Sweary cat

There’s a cat called Mischief in Australia that has learnt to talk – apparently. He only knows 7 words, 2 of those being fuck and prick. Typical Australian vocabulary then. The best quote from the whole article – “He can’t say ‘dad’ yet, which is a bit of a prick. That’s how he got the word ‘prick’ I reckon, because I say it a lot”.


The world’s ugliest dog has died.

Katona's new look


The closer it gets to the festival, the more I want to be going. Here‘s a corker of a gallery of the first 40 years of the world’s best festival, and my favourite:

'More loo roll please' in semaphore


I loved a bit of Rammstein in my teens. My favourite song was Sonne, and even though I don’t know what the words mean, I still think it’s flipping brilliant:

Now, they’ve branched out a tad:

Bunch of German pricks

In other news:

-Not bitter.

E-mails from an Asshole is very, very funny.

-Soft soft soft:

-Paulo is down this weekend.

Right, time for a Choc- O-Gator. Slop off!