Freedom of speech

… but not leave to lie

What do you mean, Greggs is closing down?

Imagine you’re a leading figure in the Labour Party. Your phone is ex-directory, obviously, to stop the loonies and the hacks from pestering you 24/7. You’re at home, when you get a phone call. You don’t know who it is. The caller explains they’re a political journalist, would you mind giving a quote for our story about how badly Ed Miliband is doing?

This happened to John Prescott recently. So he simply enquired how the journo got the number and put the phone down (it’s pure speculation on my side, but I imagine there was some choice Hull patois thrown back at the hack).  End of story, right?

Wrong. Prescott was startled to discover a quote attributed to him in this weeks Sunday Times, saying how it had “not been a great start” for the leadership. Quite different to “How the fuck did you get this number?”.

Now, I’m all for press freedom. But the press also have to report factually and accurately. We all know the Mail and the Express and pretty much the whole tabloid press can be taken with half a pinch of salt. But this story was in the Sunday Times. Proper papers shouldn’t fabricate material just to fit their narrative.

Prescott has demanded a full front page apology, and while it remains to be seen if he’ll get it, he bloody deserves one. They have apologised via twitter, and blamed a production error. Isabel Oakeshott, the journo involved, should be demoted to reporting on the latest Ikea catelogue. She won’t be, but on this evidence, it’s all she’s fit for.

The head line used was “Labour big beasts maul Ed Miliband”. But the stupid hack who fabricated a story was the one mauled. Fucking good on you Prezza.

Still, she should have known to take him on:

Murray – mint

Congrats Andy. There is a lot of animosity directed at him, but his Queens victory was brilliant. I don’t care that he’s Scottish, grumpy and hasn’t won a major. He’s the best we have, and I’d be chuffed if he won at Wimbledon. And if he plays well and loses, I’ll be chuffed too.

Wonder goal

BOOM goes the dynamite!

In other news

-What’s the best thing about twenty nine year olds? There’s twenty of them.

-Farewell Magicman.

-Hull is banging.

Hey, Fyfe:

Love it.