Morrissey is a cold-hearted irrelevance

The boy with a foot in his mouth


I’ve stuck up for Morrissey in the past. But recent events in Norway, the single worst spree killing in history, are horrific. No one can deny that. Except bigmouth.

“We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonalds and Kentucky Fried S*** every day.”

Words fail me. Teenagers were savagely murdered by a mad man in police uniform. Office workers, terrified and killed by a bomb blast. How dare Morrissey trivialise their lives? How dare he compare them to chicken nuggets?

It’s almost funny, how totally ridiculous Morrissey sounds. The thing is, pretty much since the Smiths broke up, he’s been old news. His music is shite and his views are incongruous to civilised society.

I may be going too far here. But I’m going to say what I think anyway. Morrissey clearly sympathises with the right, as did Anders Breivik. I think if the massacre had been committed by a Muslim, railing against the West, he wouldn’t have said what he did. I think he sympathises with the views of Breivik. And his abject refusal to apologise reinforces this for me.

IMHO, he’s an ageing fascistic cunt. So sod him. The music wcas great, ta. Now kindly fuck off into oblivion.

Boogity, boogity, boogity

Sueca Paella Festival

Rick Stein’s Spain has been bloody brilliant, makes me starving but their food looks incredible. Someone come here with me, please?

Good one Michael Bay

In other news

Guitar oscillations.

-What keeps biting me?!

Buttery biscuit base.

Two Gallants in Hoxton – amazing.

Every time you say farewell there’s breadcrumbs at your heels. Love that band.


This charming man?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Not white? Up yours

Morrissey has been at it again. In an interview for the Guardian Weekend magazine, he called the Chinese a ‘subspecies’ based on their animal rights record. It’s certainly not the first time he has courted racist controversy. He obviously feels very strongly about the welfare of animals, and was conveying his opinion of a country based on that,  but taken out of context, the word subspecies is language you’d expect from the BNP. I don’t think Morrissey is a true far right sympathiser, but the phrases and terminology he chooses to use is not of this day and age. It’s antiquated, and wrong, and Morrissey should pack it in. I don’t want to think of one of the finest songsmiths of the 80s as a racist, but that will be the legacy he leaves if he doesn’t learn to control that silver tongue.


In a bizarre musician death, Mike Edwards of Electric Light Orchestra has been killed by a massive hay bale. Here is ELO, including Mike on his cello, in happier times:

Space diving

This is unbelievably cool. Two people are racing to try to become the first human to break the sound barrier unaided. By jumping from a balloon that has risen to 120,000 feet, and freefalling for 5 minutes, Felix Baumgartner and Michel Fournier want to fly at 700 mph. It’s a pretty incredible story, and no-one knows what will happen if either man succeeds – fried brain? Bowel evacuation? Opening an interdimensional vortex? But none of that is as incredible as the fact that Fournier is 66. He could get a free bus pass, but instead he wants to hurtle towards the Earth faster than the speed of sound. What a hero.

X Factor

I refuse to watch X Factor. There is nothing redeeming about the show. Or so I thought. When I become Prime Minister, and propose compulsory sterilisation for certain sectors of society, and there is moral outcry, I will make the naysayers watch this video. And they will come over to the dark side:

In other news

Grandma’s House is fantastic “He’s been made redundant? From the box company?” “Yes.” “What if someone needs a box?”.

-My knee is bloody.

-Sarah Palin – exposed. Homeopathy – exposed. Boom goes the dynamite.

Lastly, Paolo Nutini has never really done it for me, but this is a belter:

Oka. Sleep time for me. Byeee.

Moz, and The Weakest Link

Hi all,

Morrissey has been getting some abuse for walking off stage after being hit by a beer in Liverpool. This article asks if he was right to do so. Erm, yes. Short answer there.

What other profession would tolerate having stuff thrown at them and continue with their job? Because, let’s not forget, however much Morrissey enjoys his work, that’s what it is – his job. Pays the bills, puts vegan food on the table, etc. Would Sir Michael Gambon carry on Hamletting if someone threw a sausage roll at his head? Would Dylan Moran keep on going with his stand-up act if a slushie hit him in the face? Of course not.

And they’d have every right to walk off. They are all paid to entertain, not to be targets. It doesn’t matter that Morrissey “suffered barely a splash of lager”, if indeed that was the case. Maybe for thrash metallers, getting stuff thrown at you is par for the course. But Moz doesn’t have to put up with that. All those complaining about not getting their monies worth should complain to the chump who threw the beer.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’m a nerd so i found this interesting. You may not, sorry.

On tonight’s Weakest Link, in the first round went as such – 9 players, 9 correct answers, straight to £1000, bank, job done. What happened next exposed the weakest link of the Weakest Link.

Firstly, the voiceover chap told us who were the weakest and strongest links. Bit ridiculous really, as there wasn’t one of either – they all got the same number of questions right and wrong. Then, the votes got tied, and the strongest link, who was also the weakest link, got to cast the deciding vote. She took out Garry, who then got involved in all the silliness. Looking like he’d just been kicked in the balls by an emu, he said,

“not wanting to be bigheaded, but I could’ve won that team alot of money.”

Well, that is quite bigheaded. Sorry Garry. Even though you were both the strongest and weakest link, someone had to go. Personally, I think the deciding factor should’ve been making Anne Robinson orgasm. Slowest one loses. Job done.

By the way, the winner of the show thought the Israeli secret service was Al Qaeda. Maybe Garry wasn’t being bigheaded after all.

ODDS AND SODS: New favourite song – Chase and Status feat. Plan B – End Credits from the film Harry Brown which looks quality.