Moz, and The Weakest Link

Hi all,

Morrissey has been getting some abuse for walking off stage after being hit by a beer in Liverpool. This article asks if he was right to do so. Erm, yes. Short answer there.

What other profession would tolerate having stuff thrown at them and continue with their job? Because, let’s not forget, however much Morrissey enjoys his work, that’s what it is – his job. Pays the bills, puts vegan food on the table, etc. Would Sir Michael Gambon carry on Hamletting if someone threw a sausage roll at his head? Would Dylan Moran keep on going with his stand-up act if a slushie hit him in the face? Of course not.

And they’d have every right to walk off. They are all paid to entertain, not to be targets. It doesn’t matter that Morrissey “suffered barely a splash of lager”, if indeed that was the case. Maybe for thrash metallers, getting stuff thrown at you is par for the course. But Moz doesn’t have to put up with that. All those complaining about not getting their monies worth should complain to the chump who threw the beer.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’m a nerd so i found this interesting. You may not, sorry.

On tonight’s Weakest Link, in the first round went as such – 9 players, 9 correct answers, straight to £1000, bank, job done. What happened next exposed the weakest link of the Weakest Link.

Firstly, the voiceover chap told us who were the weakest and strongest links. Bit ridiculous really, as there wasn’t one of either – they all got the same number of questions right and wrong. Then, the votes got tied, and the strongest link, who was also the weakest link, got to cast the deciding vote. She took out Garry, who then got involved in all the silliness. Looking like he’d just been kicked in the balls by an emu, he said,

“not wanting to be bigheaded, but I could’ve won that team alot of money.”

Well, that is quite bigheaded. Sorry Garry. Even though you were both the strongest and weakest link, someone had to go. Personally, I think the deciding factor should’ve been making Anne Robinson orgasm. Slowest one loses. Job done.

By the way, the winner of the show thought the Israeli secret service was Al Qaeda. Maybe Garry wasn’t being bigheaded after all.

ODDS AND SODS: New favourite song – Chase and Status feat. Plan B – End Credits from the film Harry Brown which looks quality.


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