Richard Littlejohn, or Dick as most people call him

Yeah, he's a dick alright

Richard Littlejohn writes for the Daily Mail. This should tell you what’s coming here. In a typically deplorable rant that can only connect with the most callous of readers, Littlejohn proves once and for all what a complete and utter scumbucket he is.

Foisting his old-school xenophobia on any tragedy would be a dirty, opportunistic way to sell papers. But one on the scale of the Japan quake? It goes beyond even the vile standards of the Mail.

Dick begins by stating that while the devastation in Japan is “on a biblical scale”, Japan doesn’t need our financial help. Now, the costs of rebuilding the country may mount to £145bn, or 4% of Japan’s GDP. That’s a fair old chunk. Despite Japan being a wealthy nation, I’m pretty sure they haven’t that much change down the back of the sofa.

Not content on belittling the scale of damage, Dick goes on to dredge up a bit of good old stereotypical nonsense. Japan is “a faraway country of which we know little and understand less” that is “militantly racist”. In the same way, EVERY American is fat, EVERY Dutchman wears clogs, and EVERY Frenchman rides a velo in a beret with garlic strings round their neck.

Dick continues to say “it is wrong to visit the sins of previous generations on their modern descendants”. Wouldn’t you look a numpty if you then proceeded to do just that, eh? Oh… sorry, you do. Dick talks about his grandfather-in-law, and others who suffered at the hands of the Japanese during WW2. He thinks they wouldn’t have acknowledged any minutes silence held. Maybe not, and it’s tragic that they would feel like that. But only a cretin would revisit events generations previous in this context.

Dick now turns his ire to Britain’s “ghastly cult of sentimentality and grief”. He objects to the silences at Premier League games, the Pray For Japan t-shirts. Now, if this was the reaction to Jade Goody’s death, I’d actually have something to agree with him on. But the death toll hasn’t even been fixed yet, over a week on. This is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions – anyone who has seen the pictures of Minami Sanriku, a town that vanished in seconds, will reject the notion that the sympathy offered is just cultish behaviour.

Contradicting himself, Dick argues that there were no silences for either the Haiti or New Zealand quakes. Doesn’t really support the cult theory does it? And regardless, the UK raised £106m for the DEC Haiti Earthquake appeal, and with all due respect, the Canterbury quake killed 154 people. A minutes silence, maybe not. But thoughts and support were there, and it wasn’t fatuous as suggested by Dick. He thinks that most supporters participating couldn’t find Japan on a map. Maybe your readers, Dick, but don’t count us in with those fooled by your hate-filled spiel.

It makes me sick that anyone would agree with this. But I’m also glad for two things. That Littlejohn continually colours himself as a depraved, odious loose cannon – reasonable people will view him with the contempt he deserves. And secondly, that the Japanese will be overwhelmed by the support of humankind, not just from the UK, but across the world.

I wouldn’t piss on Littlejohn if I saw him on fire in the street. I would stand, and observe a minutes silence in deference to whoever set him alight. Then I’d continue on my way. Richard Littlejohn, fuck you and all you stand for.

Gareth Bale

Old Monkeyface is a hero. Because of him, Spurs are flying higher than ever before. And we also have this brilliant video:

G20 Police – who needs containing?

Protestors are going to court to test how much and what power the police have in quelling protest. The case relates back to the G20 protests, when Ian Tomlinson died moments after an unprovoked police attack, and countless reports of officers lashing out. Via the Guardian:

On 1 April 2009, there were several demonstrations in the area, but the court case deals with a climate camp in Bishopsgate. A police chief accepts it was peaceful but decided it should be contained to avoid potentially violent people joining it.

Just a thought. Maybe the police could apply those same decisions to itself? Because in recent months and years, they have increasingly looked like the aggressors. This was not a riot, but if the police continue as they have been, there will be one, and it won’t just be protestors on the receiving end of brutality.

James’ face

This is inspired:

"...that is not my bush baby"

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The abominable ho-man. Genius.


Steven Davies, modern hero

He’s out, and it’s a good thing

Steven Davies - a brilliant man


England cricketer Steven Davies has come out as gay. This shouldn’t be news – statistically he isn’t the only one. But in reality, professional sport has a problem with homosexuality. Despite the wave of support and admiration for Davies, there will be players and fans who believe Davies has made the wrong decision. They will say it will create disharmony in the dressing room, that it will make the team vulnerable to abuse, that it could be a distraction from the game at hand. Of course, this is all bollocks. Just because he likes men, doesn’t mean he likes all men. If Ian Bell drops the soap, Davies isn’t going to slyly penetrate him. Davies will continue as he did before, but with one poignant difference – the next gay cricketer/sportsperson won’t feel alone. Homophobia will be beaten by acceptance, but it will take time and it will take more bravery like that Steven Davies has displayed. However, equality is coming, and that can only be a great thing.

Iran boycott

Iran reckons the 2012 Olympic logo looks like it spells Zion:

ZION lol jk everyone knows it's Lisa Simpson giving head

Er, bullshit. But a boycott would still be a shame. No Iranian bobsleigh team? No Iranian beach volleyball? No Iranian synchro 10m diving? Gutted.


John Galliano has been sacked by Christian Dior for allegedly aiming anti-semitic remarks at drinkers in a Parisian bar. Among the things he supposedly said:

“I love Hitler”

“people like you would be dead”

“Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed”

Cunt. Simple as. If he’s guilty, he should be fucking gassed. That’d be beautiful irony.

Stalker cat

This is why the internet is brilliant:

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