What’s the coldest place in the world? Chile.

Yay for the miners, but it’s not over yet

"When I say TRAPPED, you say NO!" "TRAPPED" "NO" "TRAPPED" "NO"

Unless you’ve been trapped in a mine for two months, you’ll know all about the miners who’ve been trapped in a mine for two months. Slowly but surely the miners have been being rescued over the past day or so, and at the time of writing 24 of them are now safe above ground. There is an all round warm glow to this story – from when the miners were discovered alive, to the togetherness of the group once lines of communication had been established, and then the building of anticipation to the rescuing of the men through a 700m tube. I remember the Kursk disaster, and desperately hoping the trapped submariners would be rescued. Well, this mine story is at the opposite end of the spectrum – all that hope has been released as euphoria. However, this can’t be the end of it. While the sense of national pride in Chile is enormous, questions need to be asked. What went wrong? Is there any person/company/process at fault? And most importantly, how can the mining companies stop a similar, possibly more disastrous situation occurring again? After all, there’s little point rescuing 33 men to put another troop and their families through the same trauma.

Here’s the Daily Mash take on the Chilean miners.

Why I love Sesame Street

They take something amazing, and somehow improve it:


Yeah, the result was rubbish. But it isn’t the end of the world, and strangely, it took one of the more jovial football shows, Soccer AM, to offer some perspective. But it could be worse. Only a few years ago, Montenegro used to play alongside Serbia. Since the two nations became autonomous football teams, the Serbians have been by far the stronger team, boasting players like Nemanja Vidic, Dejan Stankovic and Nikola Zigic. However, far right Serb fans caused Tuesday’s match against Italy to be called off after they laid siege to the city of Genoa. This type of hooliganism is a bigger threat to football than any bad tackle or foreign owner could be. Poland and Ukraine are hosting the 2012 European Championships, and both have questionable records when it comes to hooliganism. As a football fan through and through, I hope like South Africa this year all concerns are proved to be just scare-mongering, and not the truth.


Raleigh Addington has left the show after his brother was injured on duty in Afghanistan. However, he did give us the best moment of the series (I honestly can’t see it being topped):

In other news

-Mmmmm, melon and grapes.

-When Reese’s Mini Cups are left anywhere near me, they’re getting eaten.

-I hate how famous and mainstream the miners have become. I liked it when they were a bit more underground.

Incredible song, incredible video:

I want to swim with black-eyed angels. Night.