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So, I got to see Tron way early, thanks to a bit of good luck and a very cool lady. We turn up to Leicester Square, at this point not even knowing what we were going to be watching. Lizo Mzimba (yeah, that one) and the director Joseph Kosinski introduced it, and then it was on with 3D specs and down go the lights. Now, Tron is not the greatest story ever. It’s a popcorn flick, albeit a good one. What makes the film great is the visual feast that you’re offered. Most of the film takes place in the virtual world of The Grid, and it is stunning. 3D was made for films like this. At no point is there a crappy WHOA THAT AXE IS GOING TO HIT ME IN THE FACE LOL JK IT’S JUST THE MOVIE moment. Instead, 3D creates an incredible alternate reality which light and darkness are used as building blocks. Michael Sheen gives another great turn, seemingly as Ziggy Stardust squared. So, without being particularly brilliant, Tron is brilliant. Here’s a trailer y’all:

Idiot #22

Chris Hughton has been sacked as Newcastle manager. Because he has nurtured one of the most in form strikers in the league, because his team are 11th and because they have played some bloody good football. Mike Ashley is a beer-swilling, pig-fucking, self-defeating joke of an owner. Newcastle are apparently looking for a more experienced manager, but any manager with experience is likely to look at that club and think ‘wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole attached to a bargepole’. Ashley couldn’t be more of a retard if he hired the Angel of the North as manager. Mike, you’re a massive fucking idiot. But at least you have a lucrative career as a space hopper when your tiny deluded mind realises that you really ain’t cut out for this. Fuck off fatso. Bobby Robson will be turning in his grave.

You daft cunt

Everyone will have heard this radio faux pas from earlier. And probably this one too. I do love an accidental C-bomb.

That’s my penis

Need I say more? Haha:

In other news

Chico y Rita – very good. Quite a few cartoon boobs too.

-Top weekend, bar my episode.

-I love China. Nutters.

Shout Out Louds:

Tip-top-scando-garage-pop. Oh yeah. VERY LOUD.