Pompous, self-righteous utter bollocks

Get off your high horse

As Wilmott said to Almond

Sorry, football again. England are playing for the first time since this summer’s World Cup. Boo-gate has been hitting the headlines. Should the team be booed? Is a harsher treatment, like a boycott appropriate? Should we just go the whole hog and execute the fucking lot of them, I mean honestly, it’s more than ridiculous. I support my football teams (Spurs, Forest, Lincoln, PSV, Rangers as Andy loves to remind me) whether they’re winning or losing. Both Lincoln and Forest are yet to win this season. Will I look out eagerly for their next result? Course I will. I’m a fan, not some flunky who takes the smooth and moans like a broken shitting record when the rough comes along. Fans will follow their team no matter what. I would love to be at that game tonight (but Money’s Too Tight [To Mention]). Even though I’m not, I’m watching, as I do every single possible match that my teams and my country play. Let’s not forget that despite the poor show in South Africa (don’t for a second think I’m defending the performances there) it was nice to actually be at a major tournament. So please, enough of the preachy, judgmental rhetoric – “even with an inducement, there will be parents reluctant to expose their children to the torpor England brought to the World Cup“. Torpor? Fuck off. The media boys, like Gabriel “butter wouldn’t melt in my pristine sphincter, never mind my perfect fucking mouth” Clarke of ITV have been banging on like Wayne Rooney personally exhumed their dead Nan and shat on her head. Football is ups and downs, sun and rain, summer and winter, and all the delightful gory bits in between. So, regardless of all the other wanking on, I’m behind my team, as I was before, during, and will be after the disappointment of South Africa.

UPDATE: That wasn’t a goal. Guess what? Still behind the team.

UPDATE 2: Gerrard shows his class. Guess what? Still behind the team. And fucking chuffed with that.


Just a very funny website. Simon’s pie charts is my favourite, featuring this beauty:

Courtesy of David Thorne, a bloody funny man

Vladimir Putin

Vlad obviously loves a bit of good propaganda. First he was baring his chest, fishing and killing moose with his giant man-hands (I made that up). Now he’s personally putting out wildfires. Putin gets a bit of ridicule for this in our media, especially the bare-chest-pseudo-Playgirl pictures which did have a pantomime whiff to them. But it is good to see a leader getting his hands dirty. Imagine if Dave and Nick were like that. If for once they ditched the public schoolboy exterior. Actually, how brilliant would it have been if during the Raoul Moat manhunt, Cameron had appeared on the 6 O’Clock News sporting full camouflage gear and simply growled “He’s mine…”? I’d never vote for anyone else, ever again.

Christian Bale vs. David After Dentist

In other news

-I’m no expert on the situation in the Middle East, but Iran digging a shitload of American war graves can’t be a good thing.


The best kind of British eccentric.

Pretty perfect:

Right, I’m off to feel smug ’cause I was cheering from the start.