Bellamy has a heart too

All Craigs are good

January 2009 - some of Man City's new signings were a bit left-field

Craig Bellamy, along with Robbie Savage, Marco Materazzi, and Mark Van Bommel, is one of football’s pantomime villains. Fans love to hate them, and they generally play up to the image. But Bellamy isn’t as one dimensional as his reputation suggests. He is an incredibly gifted footballer, and although he’ll be involved in a title fight this season, it won’t be in the Premiership. While sentimentally and personally, Bellamy’s move to Cardiff was the right one, professionally he will be utterly wasted when he could still playing at the very top level of world football. But that move, eschewing popular opinion, sums Bellamy up. There was also incredulity when Bellamy set up a football foundation in Sierra Leone. However, Bellamy’s generosity has fought past the social and political barriers in the country.  As well as his money, he also invests time, personally interviews all prospective employees of the foundation in the UK. Maybe Bellamy isn’t the fool that opposition fans love to deride. Good on you (and cheers for doing good for Craigs too).

Weatherman dude

Tomasz Schafernaker is a maverick weatherman. In a world of Sian Lloyd and that really annoying Scottish twat on BBC Breakfast, the man who flips the bird live on TV is king:

Read about the rest of his indiscretions here.

Idiot #16

Whoever thought up teaching Harry Potter at Durham University, you’re a fucking attention-seeking tool. There are enough kids out there who won’t get to go to their first choice Uni due to funding cutbacks, without you lot rubbing their faces in it by offering Avada Kedavra as a shitting module. Are there not enough waste of time degrees already? Dicks.

Homophobia and Catholics? Surprise, surprise

Sooooo… Catholics trying to stop gays adopting. Good thing is, they failed. If the press is to be believed, it’s probably best to get the children as far away from the Catholic hierarchy as possible.

In other news

$100,000 for Gordon Brown? I have  plant pot I’ll give you for £100.

Sitting down in the shower – yes, it’s fucked up.

-This is what happened when I heard Westwood might be doing Dancing On Ice:

That happens a fair bit with a woody

And with that, good night.