Shiny pretty thing

New iPhone

It’s here. It’s sexy as fuck, really. I was pretty blas√© about previous iPhones, but this one takes the biscuit. You can phone people. You can listen to music. You can play Football Manager. And you can record and edit HD video – this is gonna revolutionise amateur porno. I’m definitely getting one.

Mwepu Llunga

He may not be a household name, but this chap from Zaire gave us the funniest moment in World Cup history:

Poor taste joke

Police originally said Derrick Bird shot himself dead.

They have since altered their version of events.

He shot himself alive, and then died.

Surra De Bunda

I have literally no idea what this is about.

Stuart Cable

Rest in peace. I used to love the Phonics, and Stuart Cable was an integral part of the band as I remember them, in the earlier years. He always seemed like a bit of a nutter, and sadly, he’s gone the way of a dummer from another of my early favourites – Jon Lee from Feeder. It’s a tragedy that both, in their own ways, couldn’t cope with their lifestyles and died far too young.

In other news:

-I’m 22 in a month.

-I want one.

-Amanda Seyfried has ‘minge’ tattooed on her foot. The story goes that on the set of “Mamma Mia’, Colin Firth said minge alot and she really liked the word. So she got it tattooed on her foot.¬†Without knowing what it meant.

She has 'foot' tattooed on her minge

Right, I’m watching ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’. Science is the tits. Byeee!