A mess

Never again

Why, oh why, did I sleep on a doormat on a balcony?

Best news strapline ever

A transvestite had sex with a dog in the moat of an English Heritage castle“.

Big Brother

It was never going to be like watching Einstein having a casual chat with Stephen Hawking. But the vacuous dishcloths in there might make it unwatchable. I’ve been loving it so far, but the characters who were interesting are being drowned out. It seems that people like Corin and Rachel are 23% make-up and 77% “Ohmygod!!!”. Shut up you harpies.

Crazy foreigners

New Sherlock

It’s surprisingly good. I was predisposed to not liking it as a) I hate BBC dramas like Doctor Who and b) the guy playing Sherlock is horrifically posh. I mean, honestly, his name is Benedict Cumberbatch! But, it was actually pretty engaging, and despite wiping his arse on fox hide, Benedict plays a convincing Sherlock. It looks like it could be better than Guy Ritchie’s Bourne-cum-Holmes, even though that had the best actor alive in it, Robert Downey Jr. And Martin Freeman is a perfect fit for Watson. Good on the Beeb!

In other news

Bears can’t drive.

-I’m exhausted.

-5 days ’til Beer! WOOOO.

Open your ears gang-stars:

Thom Yorke is a dude and a half. And on that thought, I bid you goodnight, and good luck.