Read this or I’ll blow you sky high

Look at this or I'll blow you sky high

Menace. What, or who is it? Dennis, possibly. Rottweiler, definitely. An accounts manager tweeting clearly hollow threats? Er, no. Yet Paul Chambers, the man who said he’d blow up Doncaster Airport (it’s not Robin Hood airport – he was blates from Nottingham) is having to go to the High Court to try and overturn his conviction. For menace. Here is the tweet in full:

“Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

Is that in any way menacing? Clearly not. However, the Crown clearly believes that people like Paul Chambers need punishing. For menace. It’s ridiculous. Chambers poses no risk. He’s as likely to blow up an airport as a pack of laminate flooring from B&Q. Looking purely at the content, there is “menace”. But taken out of context, a twelve year old child saying ‘fuck you’ is a proposition. Chambers was talking in the context of a man who was trying to get laid (he was picking up a ladyfriend from the airport), not a man who was ever going to commit mass murder. He was joking. If in this case the law stands, then the law is clearly an ass. Which I’ll blow sky high!!

Arsene Wenger

Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:

Royal Wedding

Prince William, Kate Middleton – congratulations. Wills is grounded, she is fit. Who cares if it’s at the taxpayers expense? If you don’t like it, go to America. They don’t have a monarchy. Or NHS. Or gun control. Or the BBC. So, if you like not being dead, not getting shot and Eggheads, shut up and wave a flag, you miserable fucks.

The Irish

Now the Irish have a reputation as a care free people, giddy on Guinness, fresh air, and leprechaun dust. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t got two potatoes to rub together. But it’s hardly surprising, given that instead of giving the needy benefits, they’re getting cheese. No lie:

In other news

-Cambridge was fun, and forgetful.

-I really want to go to Tokyo and Cuba.

-Arsene Wenger is still a cunt.

Top tune of the moment:

Right, now I’m off to blow myself up.