Justice much?

Onwards Roman

Roman Polanski has been released from house arrest in Switzerland. Wanted since jumping bail in California 33 years ago whilst awaiting sentencing for unlawful sexual intercourse (with a 13 year old), Polanski had confined to a chalet for 9 months after being apprehended at Zurich Airport. There are many who called for his release, including contemporaries and other stars of Hollywood like Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Woody Allen. Presumably they, like this woman, are now happy. Why? The man pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse. With a child. And then he skipped the country. Of course, Polanski says that a) she wanted it and b) the judge agreed to let him go. Well, a) you still fucked a consenting child and b) boo fucking hoo. Polanski should’ve served his time. End of. Would Scorsese have been as forgiving if it had been his daughter? Doubt it.

Mel Gibson

Whilst he is a total shit fiesta, his foul actions have given rise to these little fellows:

Mel Gibson - I hope your next shit's a hedgehog

Also, Tiger Woods texts as seen by kittens:

What about an angry pirate love?

Daily Express

The Express has gone from Princess-Di-conspiracy-zine to outright-racism-for-the-masses:

You daft cunts

Let’s get one thing straight, turdnuggets. We’re all ethnics. We all have ethnicity, fucking idiots. I assume that the Express is wanting to highlight the fact that in 2051, 1 in 5 people in the UK will be from an ethnic minority. So what? I’d rather 1 in 5 weren’t white than 1 in 5 were reading the Express. But, as Charlie Brooker puts it – “to be fair it’s hard writing headlines against the clock with limited space to get your message across, when you’re a thick racist cunt”.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars was back tonight, and very funny too. Here’s a bit of vintage SS (not the Nazis):

In other news

-Tessa Jowell is on Google Maps.

-Sarah Palin is varnishing her scales and sharpening her fangs for the 2012 Presidential Election. Obama said to be considering adamantium coating for his skeleton.

-I hate flies.

Right, have a bit of Tame Impala:

And here, download a live version. Quality song. Don’t say I never give you anything.