This morning, there were learned fellows on the BBC discussing the merits of the so-called ‘surveillance state’. There are no clear figures on how many cameras there are in the UK – in London, the estimates seem to vary between 7,000 to 10,000 public cameras. I’m not fussed in all honesty, stick them up everywhere. The main argument against them seems to be ‘invasion of privacy’. This seems a bit baffling, as all these people who claim to feel violated by CCTV were offering their opinion, whilst being filmed for TV. That seems a bit of a paradox to me. Also, you’re watched all the time anyway, especially by privately owned cameras (banks, shops, homes, sex dungeons etc). And people walking down the street. Normal people. Who don’t shit themselves about cameras. Seriously, how is your privacy invaded? I don’t get this hysteria with privacy, so fucking what if I’m on some video in Oxford Street? Whoopdedoo. I accept that cameras don’t prevent crime, but they sure as hell provide evidence to help lock up the perpetrators. Some hippy called something like Phoenix Earthchild would probably call me naive, and say that the authorities can take your image, whack it on Osama Bin Laden’s body and call you Taliban. I say bollocks. Moaners like this would claim living in Britain feels oppressive. I think it can be scary as fuck. At least with CCTV, I know if some little turd wants to attack me, there’s a chance they may be convicted using video evidence.

True dis

12 out of 10 people find this 24% informative.


70 years ago, a flotilla of little ships sailed to France. Operation Dynamo saved a third of a million soldiers. After all this time, it’s worth remembering why it’s called Dunkirk spirit.

Million Pound Drop

Can’t believe I’ve not been watching this, it looks savage!

In other news:

-I scored on my England debut.

-I’m being tested.

-Drunken Eurovision sounds fun.

Right, I’m knackered. Toodle pip.


Bloody hell

There Will Be Blood (SPOILERS)

Finally got round to watching this last night. Bloody good film too. Daniel Day Lewis plays a self-made oil man with a bit of a vicious streak. But when the Priest got battered at the end, I was actually glad. He was really, really annoying. And I’ve never seen a bowling pin used as a murder weapon.

American Apparel

I read this earlier in the week, and it looks like American Apparel is in trouble. But the chief exec, Dov Charney, sounds like a dude. Firstly, he treats his mainly migrant workforce well. He pays them double minimum wage, and refuses to move production to cheaper markets. The problems are in part caused by a raid which found a third of his workforce didn’t have the correct papers, and they were deported. However, every sacked worker has a job offer should they get the correct documentation, and he gave them all his personal email address. Pretty sound chap. Secondly, he calls females ‘sluts’, doesn’t apologise for it, and sometimes attends board meetings naked. DUDE.

The xx

An earlier video didn’t work. Here’s another:


U2 had to cancel. Boo-fucking-hoo. I would’ve gone for a ticket if Gorillaz were on the line-up from the start.

Crappy week

This is all.

Alastair Campbell

Likes (to my surprise) Alicia Keys!

In other news:

-Tuna steak is good.
-Running feels good.
-This is the man in charge of one of the ten largest economies in the world:

Does my dick look small in this?

Right, I’m off to close the window. Ta ra fuckers.

Oh no! Bono hurt his back


I think U2 are rubbish. The early years produced some great songs, like With Or Without You and Where The Streets Have No Name. But now, they’ve kind of disappeared up their own arses. The music isn’t good, and the band occupies itself building bigger and bigger stages, and not raising money for charity. While I applaud Bono for trying to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, Project (Red) spent £100 million on marketing in its first year, and raised £18 million. I mean, I’m no accountant but… just give Africa the £100 million.

And now Bono is hurt. They may have to cancel their headlining Glasto slot. I think Glasto would be all the better for it. Radiohead instead?

Playing God

A US geneticist, Craig Venter (good name), has ‘created‘ life. He and his team hope the technology could be used to create vaccines or fight pollution. But religious groups are all in a tizz, saying Venter is ‘playing God’. They say it was wrong of him to create something that wasn’t there before. One may argue that is exactly what religion has done. Is it going too far to suggest that those accusing are playing God themselves? Maybe. But I hope that this is an important step forward in science, and not held back by the naysayers.



‘Nuff said.


I had a litre bottle of this Spanish beer last night, and it ruined me.

In other news:

-The Paulo is back tomorrow. Yippee!
-I’m well excited about playing footy this weekend.
-I can’t get The xx out of my head.


I’ll buy toilet roll when you stop stealing my milk. Twats.

Mugabe is a bastard


Rubbish. About to watch ‘There Will Be Blood’, think it could be a corker.


Last night I watched ‘Mugabe And The White African’ on More4, the very best channel on TV. It was quite shocking how overtly racist the Zimbabwean Land Reform policy is. The program doesn’t allocate to poor black people – it allocates to friends, relatives and even lovers of state officials. The documentary followed Michael Campbell white farming family’s fight to legally challenge an order to turn their land over to the Government militia. There was no reason other than the colour of the farmers skin for the order – the farmers looked after their mainly black workforce very well, and had legally bought the land. Time after time their hearings were postponed by the state lawyers – a cynical attempt to stop the case being heard. The reasoning behind this was that sooner or later, the Campbell’s would either give up and leave of their own accord or be forced off their land by the militia, violently or otherwise.

The lawyers ploy worked, and the family were kidnapped and attacked. Michael was beaten so badly, he was left unable to attend the next hearing. His wife had her arm broken and Pete, their son-in-law, sustained life threatening head injuries and attended the next hearing in a wheelchair. However, in a neutral courtroom, Michael Campbell won his case. Not long after the decision was taken, Campbell’s farm and all his possessions were burned to the ground.

Mugabe is as openly corrupt and racist as Hitler was, with thousands of white farmers evicted, attacked and killed since the introduction of the Land Reform program. Yet no significant action has been taken. Morgan Tsvangirai, the most credible opposition to Mugabe, was beaten, arrested, and eventually bullied into submission after his wife died in a suspect car crash. Violence and intimidation has been his modus operandi for decades. I can’t help but feel that in a developed nation, or even in a developed continent, he would’ve been stopped a long time ago.

Enough seriousness

Look out for the greatest pitch invader EVER at 00:32.

Junior Apprentice

Slightly ridiculous. Adam Eliaz, the rudeboy, hates women. Probably cause he hasn’t seen breasts since he was teething.

I want one


In other news:

-Haddock, sweet potato, peas and mint sauce is the tits.

As is this.

-I am a trained secretary now.

Fuck these juniors, I’m up for a bit of Daniel Day Lewis. Nos da and good luck.

Return of the Craigy

Back to the blog

I’m back! Blogs have dried up recently, but I need to express myself, emo emo woe is me etc. So, what’s been kicking?

We have a new government, which I’m happy about. I’m a young conservative, and you can sharpen your knives but I genuinely think they’re the best alternative. Gordon Brown is a great politician, but his leadership was inept and farcical, and not helped by a media that was after his blood 24/7, 365 days a year. The Lib Dems are crafty, and spun the Cameron-lite Clegg very well, but proposing to allow 600,000 illegal immigrants and their 600,000 +1s amnesty was, in my view, completely irresponsible. How could they have justified cuts alongside an expansion of the population by 2%? I just hope the coalition works. The tabloid media, as shown by the Lord Triesman debacle, love to try and fuck up a good thing. They feed on fear and distrust. Let’s hope they don’t kick the coalition to death.

The xx

I didn’t think much to The xx when I got ‘Crystalised’ as a free download. But thanks to my badman dvdhth, I gave the album a listen and it’s brilliant. I wanted to say thrilling, but that would be misleading, as the album is so chilled out, and subtle. Romy Croft has a beautiful voice, and lyrically, I really connect with the album. My highlight:

A joke

How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?

In other news

-It’s never as bad as you think.
-Lift people are mostly crude misogynists.
-I’m very excited about the World Cup.


Don’t click here.

I warned you. Good night, and good luck.