Team Moyles

Fair play Chris

Northern, therefore good

Chris Moyles has been sounding off on air due to not being paid his wages. So what, he gets paid a shitload anyway, yeah? Well, no. Not getting paid is shit. If you do a job, you deserve your money for that. It doesn’t matter how large or small your wage is. Moyles might get paid twenty times as much as a normal person, but his outgoings are probably twenty times a normal person’s as well. Whether or not you like his style (I reckon once he gets a bit old and moved to Radio 2 away from rubbish playlists, he’ll be a brilliant broadcaster, but enough of that tangent) the man should be paid. If you choose to take someone on, or piss them off, it’s probably best to make sure they don’t have a soapbox with 8 million listeners. Sort it out Beeb – let the man do his job.

Chrysler building

It’s pictures like this that make me gay for architecture:

Things that make me go mmmmmmmmm...

Parachuting dead mice

No, seriously.


The Bajau people can spend their whole lives on tiny boats. A Guardian photographer documented their lifestyle, and while you can see the photos here, I have to put this picture up. Pure, unbridled, childish joy:

Get your sweet ass back here

Reminds me of this:


In other news

-Long day, longer one tomorrow.

-What the fuck is biting me?

-Lee Probert, you are shit.